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SAle is live


Although, I need to grumble again about only being allowed to buy 1 car park ticket, this means buying and paying booking fees etc. 

...and me.

Hoping there will be gold plated sulking rooms on offer to my two teenagers to justify the price hike from little folk to teen tickets.


But I missed the settler link and just got weekend early bird.  Does anyone know if you can add settler passes at a later stage?

I've just managed to buy an early bird settlers motorhome ticket. I presume I now need to buy settlers tickets for entry to the festivsl.itself. Last year I think it eas all done in one. I may be wrong. Am I right I now have to buy my settlers tickets srparately. Seems a bit odd because if I should fail to get them I would be able to park at the festival but not actually get in!!

Hi Josephine I bought an adult Settlers ticket and a Settlers car park ticket. It said the Settlers ticket ncluded camping from zmonday 13th and entry to the festival from Thursday so I'm presuming mine is all in one. What does it say on your ticket confirmation from Ticketline. Mine said the above about festival entry. I know I haven't bought a motor home pass though. 

Common sense told me I needed the weekend ticket to so managed to get it before early bird sild out. Phew. I contacted Ticketline and,fairplay tbey replied oretty firmly that U did need the tickets. I did, thoiugh point out that it said quite clearly on the motorhome settlers confirmation that "this ticket gives entry to the full festival on Thursday. I also pointed out that really they should be linked like the camping passes because you could end up with a motorhome settlers ticket and no ticket to the festival. Anyway I'm sorted so alls well that ends well. Missed it this year so can't wait for 2018. 


All blue car park tickets gone though

What a mitigated disaster I had this morning trying to purchase tickets. If anyone happens to be seling a settlement live in vehicle pass (pigs will fly and all that) can you please let me know i'm utterly desperate? 


Joespehine, out of interest was the settlement van ticket the only settlement type ticket you purchased? As I'd seen somene else mentioned that they had purchased a settlement van ticket, and normal festival tickets and GM told me this was impossible. 

At 10 o'clock this morning, I bought lots of tickets again for our family, in lots, as required to buy blue car park tickets.  First tickets bought were settlement motorhome and 2 adults.  Had the confirmation through for all tickets. Two and a half hours later a text came from my bank asking to verify all the ticket transactions.  We confirmed of course.  This afternoon, I checked ticketline and couldn't see the settlers motorhome and 2 adult settlers passes.  Contacted my bank and they now confirm that although they had paid 5 lots, they had declined the payment for the one with the settlers motorhome pass and the two settleers adults .  I am very very upset of course.   They tickets are all sold out now (in fact by the time the bank said they were informed of the transactions 2 and a half hours after I had bought them they were probably sold out).  How was I to know????  I wasn't notified by ticketline - so will my tickets still be there?  Of course I can't get through on the phone.

All gone by time I finished work and able to purchase. I have emailed them as suggested on Twitter though. Hopefully see you all there next year! (OK, maybe I might just have to pay the extra tenner or whatever it is in new year, but wish they'd do it on a Saturday morning instead of 10am Wednesday.)

So I bought an adult settlers pass  earlybird £210 plus bf and a car park Settlers £20 plus bf. As did another friend. That is right isn't it? Woulnt let me buy a blue car park pass only the Settlers car park. It was just over £250 in total with £3 charity donation. It was really stressful I couldnt get online but went straight to Ticketline in the end. Then whatsapped by friends all day saying they couldn't get online.

my confirmation email says you can camp from Monday 13 Aug for 3 days and tickets include access to the festival from Thursday.

sorry I'm a complete worrier. Advised previously I'd have to buy an adult earlybird plus Settlers pass plus blue car parking ticket. My two friends got tickets too after ringing Ticketline eventually






Thanks Peridot i think it's right too, I had PMd GM and they've said it sounds right so I'll stop worrying and look forward to the lineup announcements next year 


Was it just me or did the 9 month payment plan not allow the purchase of a Blue Car Park ticket? We wanted to do the 9 month plan but also buy a BCP ticket - but of an arse so had to pay up front. Oh well, only 11 months-ish away. 

So, I finally got around to buying tickets, couldn't get early birds for various reasons. Settling this year again and I have a settlers car pass which I assume is not for blue car park as they usually sell out quickly, would be nice if it was but am in training for the long trek from Orange.