Advice for 1st time taking kids

Hi all

We're taking the kids (4&7) this year but as we've not taken them before we're unsure of a few things.  For example, the carts you see people pushing kids about it - where do you hire them and how much did they cost last year?

Also, ear defenders - can you hire them and from where / how much?

Any other useful tips/other info (eg. Best parts of family field to camp) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!

You'll have to bring your own ear defenders for sure. If anyone sells them then it would be like buying wellies at a rainy glasto. Surge pricing, I think uber call it.

Unless i am radically misinformed, the carts are the trolleys people hire to take their stuff from the car to the camping fields. During this period there are relatively expensive per hour. After the rush has died down, they get kitted out with decor and roofs and cushions and whatnot, and then hired out to families at a weekend rate. I have not idea how much it is, but I dont think it is too bad... 


Been bringing our two since 2007 when they were 3 and 18 months. As Nathan says, I think you can hire the blue trolleys for the weekend but I have no idea of the cost. However, the site has been known to get a tad muddy on occasions in which case you might find dragging one of those things with a couple of kids in it bloody hard work.

Buy ear defenders in advance.

There's no 'best place' to camp. It's pretty much pot luck whether you end up next to reasonable folk (the majority) or next to the parents who think it's fine to talk to their offspring in ostentatiously loud voices at 6 am. Wherever you camp there will be noise until about 4am, our kids never had any problems with that. 

The main thing about bringing kids is that you have to accept you won't get to see everything you want to. You'll spend plenty of time in the Little Folk area and, if your kids are anything like mine at that age, they won't be up for really late nights - I've listened to many a headline set from back at the tent! It's a different kind of festival. 

At one time ear defenders were provided at festivals for very reasonable price, raising awareness of risk of loud music to young ears. Somehow this does not seem so high profile so really important to ensure you obtain a pair in advance and remember to pack them for the festival.

Good quality waterproofs and wellies and plenty of snacks.

Good breakfast each morning.

I've found that as long as my kids are warm and dry and fed regularly they keep going for longer!

What Krasnyi said - A nice box of red back at the tent is consolation for an early night, listening to the headliner drifting over on the night air.

Our kids are older now but we never bothered with a truck for them when they were younger, however a small backpack each with a favourite teddy, colouring pencils, water bottle etc seemed to keep them happy throughout the day.

Thank you all! Some really useful pointers there, really appreciated! As you say, we're expecting a very different festival but that will be good - we like a change!

For most of the stuff we need, but will grab some ear defenders today!

Thanks again!

I'm  not sure how the carts work, I assumed people just "lost" their deposit and kept them for the weekend. 

Screwfix for cheap ear defenders. 

As already mentioned, loads of snacks and my tip (even though they are 12 and 10 now) is go to the pound shops and buy glow sticks, I plastered my kids with them when they were little, I could always see them, and other people could see them not to step on them when it gets dark. Cheap bubble wands were also essential. 




There was an Action on Hearing Loss stand near the CND one a few years back- weren't they doing ear defenders?

And try and encourage the bubbles for the sorts of Mountain Stage acts who need bubbles- Pictish Trail and British Sea Power jump out as good ones, off the top of my head.

Glow sticks, uv face paint and glitter packed and also a plethora of slightly grubby crushed hair flower garlands, accumulated over years of pestering.

Too fucking expensive!

There has been mithering over these in years gone by.

£25 for a bit of fur fabric and elastic....I ask you!!!

We made the mistake last year and did not bring enough toys with us, sometimes kids just need to sit down and colour or play for a bit . The trolley was a lifesaver, they are £60 for the weekend, not only do they save your back traipsing everything to the tent and back, during the day, you load it up with juice and food, raincoats and toys and if kids get tired they cuddle up and sleep :) We have mixed ages, so it was such a great thing to be able to put the little one (7) in it when he was tired or bored walking around.

if anyone is prepared to drag me around in one of those carts for the weekend, i would happily pay 60 notes

and probably be way nicer on here afterwards

Fab, cheers all - some more great inside info/recommendations.  Pound shops here we come! 

Kathryn - where do you get the cart/trolley from and will there be plenty?

We were in Family Camping and you could not miss Mr Trolley walking to campsite from Blue Car park. There seemed to always be plenty stood outside to hire, but I must admit I did not check him after Thursday morning . He does say you can book online, but I might phone instead of using the online form as he has it down from Friday onwards ...not Thursday ? So best to phone I would say. Lifesaver, I saw so very many people struggle humping and dumping stuff to camping field ! We had our own little wagon (less than half the size of MR Trolley) we took about 4 - 5 trips back and forth, would have been 1 in a Mr Trolley, so we hired it for the treck back to the car on leaving day - and wished we had had the option on arrival day ! This year we are in the caravan field, so don't need it, but still bringing our wagon just t be able to put food, drinks, camera, child , raincoats picknick blanket ect ect in while out during the day :) 

I did think of something else, only because I have just started packing - everybody has glow up and glow in the dark and fun light things during a festival - they cost an absololut fortune when there, but kids just love them - so this year I stocked up in advance :) And wet wipes :) My youngest is 7, can't wait, only 2 more days !

just thought of another bit of advice - probably not best to let your kids (then 9/10) go down the front with their mates for Leftfield or king gizzard in the far out tent

oh and the kids say - lots of trips to the licqorice shop

Yep Kras, social services would've had a field day with us!

Mine still talks about it with an expression of dreamy nostalgic awe and fear on his face.

My daughter is now a massive KG fan (you may spot her in her now ubiquitous boiler suit during GM17) off the back of our moshpit experience last year. Not much to add to the many great tips so far other than little torches for everyone - especially when negotiating a multitude of guy ropes after dark

my friend Neal cultivates his own, annually, for GM.

If you're looking for an authentic festival experience for your little ones.....?



ps this is by way of an inappropriate joke, not solicitation or peddling, ok.

usually loads of drugs going cheap on the forum, in fact

if you want to keep your little ones in check while you cry to aldous harding

No matter, I've sort of gone off Aldous Harding anyway now.. .and to be honest I barely see my kids except for when they want drinks, food or money.

No matter, I've sort of gone off Aldous Harding anyway now.. .and to be honest I barely see my kids except for when they want drinks, food or money.

Sorry about repetition, clattering along in a transit searching for size 7 wellies for rapidly growing son!

On the trolley thing.....

Get your wristbands before you hire your trolley, otherwise precious hire time is spent hanging around in the queue waiting for wristbands.

Thanks - what's the best time to get there on Thursday? Can you park before 10am and make your way to the wristband area? We've previously arrived on Thursday afternoon .

I think they allowed us to park slightly earlier than 10am because they don't want stationary queues of traffic blocking the small lanes around the site, but the box office where you get your wristbands doesn't open before 10.