Whether 2017

It seems entirely unacceptble that a 2018 request thread has rrived prior to the 2017 weather thread. Not least because they are similalrly predictable. 


Except for the settlers, they will be rained upon. 


he was obviously trying to sneak the subject past me

as you know, the only thing that exacerbates the gnashing of my teeth further is any credence in the accurate prediction of meteorological conditions more than 24 hours in advance

or 24 minutes in the case of glanusk

learn to speak (and write) your own language and stop indulging in pointless witchcraft

two simple rules

but oh no

it's far too much for some folk

Oul Seamie who's the local weather expert in these parts (he studies the movements of the cattle apparently) has assured me that it will be glorious weather in Crickhowell for the entire week except for a 5 hour period on Thursday afternoon when it will "pash it doon" according to Seamie. 

Great spectator sport watching non-settlers struggle with pitching in the rain! 

That will be alright, cool and refreshing to pitch tents and then warm to dry off afterwards.  Those Setllers will be green with envy watching

Haha, yes, I was hoping to become the new RJ Burns, and set the forum alight with my cunning malaproptic sheenanagns. Whilst I have not made nationl news, partial success is mine, ALL MINE. 

R J Burns? 

Wikipedia tells me....

Rory Joseph Burns is an English cricketer. He is a left-handed batsman who opens in First Class cricket and occasionally fields as a wicket-keeper.Wikipedia

And an actor who was in Dante's Peak (not Brosnan's finest). Apparently. 

or C Montgomery Burns?


fawk. i was out of the country for ten days until june 29. i now understand - thanks to the saturday night surprise thread - who RJ Burns is ands her effect on social media during glastonbury...sorry nathan for missing your point

Is it me or does the weather at Crickhowell over the past couple of weeks seem to have been pretty naff? The next week is not looking good. I can only presume it is all being got out of the way for glorious sunshine all festival weekend. There cn be no other explaination. 

As Ray will quite rightly tell you, there's little point even thinking about it until August 16, and even then take any forecast with a liberal pinch of salt so far as this part of the world goes. However, if you must the current monthly outlook forecast from the BBC Weather site seems to be based on the same theory as you've deployed I think Nathan.

Monday 7 August—Sunday 20 August
High pressure fights back

"As we move into the second week of August, there are indications of high pressure beginning to build close to the British Isles. This would suggest longer spells of drier weather with large gaps between the areas of low pressure."

As you may have already seen, Y Not Festival got cancelled over the weekend due to the adverse weather.. From what I'veread the organisation sounded absolutely shambolc, but going from the photos I've seen the site didn't look any worse than Green Man in 2012.

Their contingency plan of 80 tonnes of woodchip seemed a little rudimentary to me.

Past experience at GM has shown that adding more organic matter to the mix only makes for a stickier porridge.

The plastic honeycomb type walkways seem to hold up better.

Isn't the thing with these that you have to have  pretty bad year so that they can then be put down and become part of the ground, as it were. They should make a bit of a difference in that year, but the real benifit comes in subsequent years. I expect you then need a committed promoter and site owner to make the required investement look cost effective. 

Checked all of my waterproofs this weekend and will be re-proofing my tent next week, weather permitting of course. Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best weather wise...

Just got back from Womad, would not think the weather was any worse in Wiltshire as it was in Derbyshire but there was no way that Womad would have been cancelled - a bit of mud but guess better organised and by Monday morning the ground was back to being firm.  As been commented on this forum before, woodchip is a good short term measure but if used liberally and conditions continue to be wet, they only make it a lot worse iN the long ruN. would have thought any decent festival organisers knew that.  

Green man 2012 must have had loads more rain and was the time I had to be towed off site, but again there was no indication that it should have been cancelled or any higher risk to health or safety.

Seem to recall that 2008 was far worse than 2012, but was that because Green Man weren't as well organised as they definitely are these days...

I hear Mugstock (friendly little festival north of Glasgow) had the mother of all storms on Saturday afternoon and was muddy but never under threat. A lot of the rain recently has been very localised, so there's a lot of luck involved and I suspect Y Not had a bad streak of luck. Drainage makes a huge difference too, most of Glanusk Park is pretty well drained, with the exception of a couple of shady spots.

The ridiculously pointless Metcheck advance forecast is predicting rain early on but a sunny Sunday to dry it all out..... At this stage you might as well roll a dice.

fuck me

why does the world pander to this laziness...?

Long term forecast look ok for the settlers...but bad for the festival itself....but forecasts not very accurate this far out.

He's being deep fried in the Aegean an the moment and cares not a jot for our concerns.

We are heading up to Farmer Phil's festival in Shropshire this weekend as a warm-up for GM. However I've just seen that even 4x4s are having to be towed ON to the site! 

That might become our local festival next year when hopefully we'll be ensconced in the Shropshire hills

It really has pissed down in the Midlands this week and apparently much of last so iyt's bound to be pretty boggy!

Here on the Shropshire/Cheshire border we have had rain every single day since the kids broke up for 'summer'.

We are starting to develop gills.

...mrs dis' (jillian) has dropped out. Crazy Jon the care worker (not my care worker) has stepped in to chaperone Eric and me. im thinking Last of the summer wine meets Cheech and Chong meets a mud bath 

I agree that speculating on future weather is generally pointless (but fun) but if the last few weeks have been like the last few weeks in much of the country, I'd be worried about drainage. Anyone nearby know if it's particularly bad underfoot round there at the moment?   

We are all going to drown. Those that don't will be finished of by lightening. If someone could put Callahan's apocalypse on repeat on their way out that would be great. 

I will shortly be eagerly tuning into Countryfile, as usual this time of year, for the first forecast I give any credence to. Regardless of that I'm still predicting the usual mixture of every bit of weather known to man, bar snow. I just want to assess whether I can leave my wellies at home and go with walking boots only. 

any update on the weather forecast? I'll be packing today and need to know if I can get away withwalking boots (whih reminds me must find the dubbin.......) or if I'll need wellies (which I don't like as they're not comfortable)

I saw on facebook rain is foreact Friday Sundayand Monday...................:( whichsounds about normal for Green Man