Settlers question

I am going to green man for the first time this year, and as a settler.  I am wondering what food provisions I'll need to take and if there is a good supply onsite, or locally?  Thanks


There's a cafe and bar on site. Cafe's fine for bacon butties in the morning. They do other stuff too but we chose to walk into Crickhowell (lovely walk along the river) for provisions. There's a good butcher and baker (and quite possibly a candlestick maker) in Crick and the place is well-disposed to Green Man. The whole premise of Settlers is to encourage people to get out and contribute to the local economy. Lovely pub down by the river too! We spent a pleasant hour or two there while the kids splashed about in the water.

You are a bit limited for onsite food during settlers. I'd definitely bring a stove and some food with you, or as Krasnyi says there are some great independent shops in Crickhowell.

Loads of options once the festival starts properly on Thursday. Needless to say eating from the food stalls for the whole festival can be expensive though! 

Thanks for tips...  Will be definately be bringing my stove, just not sure if there was something onsite for bread and milk, that sort of thing. 

When we chatted with Fiona last year I suggested it might be a good idea for local bakers etc to bring their produce on site but she rightly pointed out that the ethos of settlers was for us to get out in the local community and, like I say, it is a carcking little walk into Crick.

I'm thinking of doing settlers this year. However, it will just be me and my daughter - with the rest of our group joining us when the festival starts on the thursday.  We normally camp in Family camping - what's the score with moving our tent from Settlers down to Family on Thursday morning?  Also during the day what sort of activities are there to do onsite? - or is it a case of explore the local area stuff and then reconvene for bonfire/music/booze in the evening..? 

One option you have if you have room in your car and can be bothered, Stablewill, is to take the rest of your group's tents with you and pitch them on Monday. Then when they arrive on the Thursday your camp will already be set up and nobody will have to move. 

We loved Settlers last year, there was plenty to keep everyone any age entertained during the day, they had a sports day, there are outddor games kids can borrow and other stalls set up throughout the day, some free, some ask a small charge. We spent a day alone swimming in the river weir by Crickhowell, where there are ample pubs with beer gardens , pool tables ect.

The Settlers field, as we found out, turns into Family camping on Thursday, so no need to move tent at all. We had a great time and enjoyed it almost more than the Festival itself :) 


It's not really a distinct area. It just sort of melds into family camping but it should be easy enough to move on Thursday when the rest turn up. There's plenty going on in the day for kids - workshops, organised games etc. Last year we spent Monday on site, had a wander into Crick on the Tuesday and stayed on site on Wednesday as it was too hot to move anywhere. Thursday spent with a coffee or a cider and a feeling of smugness, watching the new arrivals.

The first time I did Settlers (done it twice- highly recommended) I went for a walk up to the Roman Fort on the Thursday and watched people arrive from 1000 feet above.

The height of smugness?


you coming to settlers this year mr ray?

ah gwan!

no can do, unfortunately

the whole 'camping' thing isn't really my speed

though being in glanusk for a week certainly has an appeal

We're going to Settlers for the 1st time this year - 6th time in Greenman. Looking forward to a walk into Crickhiwel - never seem to have time when there for just a weekend! Do you have to walk through general camping to cross the river or is there another way from the settlers camp? 

Any details of where to buy Settlers tickets? Or is it just a case of show up on the Monday?

Edit - just noticed this had been discussed above.

This time next week we should be settled into our first Settlers camp!!! What can we expect on the first evening & when? Most importantly - What time does the pub open? The music starts?


The live bands are usually excellent. As far as I remember they start about 7pm. 

We usually go out for the day so not sure what time the bars open. 

The absolutely fantastic Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog are playing this year!

Last year music alternated between the bar tent and the food place so as 1 act finished another only 1 minute walk away would start. 

Mmmmmm live music and gorgeous Growler IPA !! 

Thanks both. Planning to take some meals with us for the evenings but is it worth eating in the food place One evening?? Really looking forward to Cowbois & also Plu - and to see what the other bands are like! 

All meals we had at Greenman were lush, loved the breakfast tent , best breakfast I ever had and can't believe we did not try it until the last day on way home ! Soem very yummy and lovely pubs with Beergardens in Crickhowell as well and its always good to support local businesses when out and about - use them or loose them x

Just spent today cooking meals to freeze for next Monday and Tuesday. We tend to save our food pennies for the actual festival, because once the music starts I ain't cooking!

If the weather's good (!) we pick up barbecue stuff in Crick for the other Settler days.

I also find tent erection is more harmonious with a glass of wine in the hand.

Thanks both. We certainly plan to visit some local pubs for lunchtime refreshments! I'm going to check the freezer tonight to see if there are some meals there to take with us for Settler evenings - otherwise it'll be a cooking day tomorrow! Definitely no cooking for us from the Thursday onwards!! This will be our 6th year in Greenman but our 1st full week. Really looking forward to it! 

Monday, Tuesday< wednesday very differnt to the actual Festival, still lots to do and see and listen too, but a lot more relaxed, no shower ques , no mud bath round the washing up area ect :)

Okay, after attending quite a few GMs in the past, we're doing Settlers for the first time this year so I have a couple of questions:

- Is the trolley hire available during Settlers, or does it only start on Thursday? Our tent is very heavy so if there are no trolleys, I need to remember to have an extra Shredded Wheat on Monday morning.
- Is the Settlers parking just part of the blue carpark?


Hello folks - 
Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces next week. Here are timings for the Settlement Stage, curated this year by Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog! 
Iwan Huws 20:00-21:00
ARGRPH 21:30-22.30
Palenco 23:00 - 00:00 
Patrobas 20:00-21:00
Plu 21:30-22.30
Alun Gaffey 23:00 - 00:00 
Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog 19:00-20:00
Alys Williams 20:30-21:30
Pub Quiz 22:00
There's loads to do in the Settlement this year.. Dreamcatcher making, Bat Walks, Bow Making, Stargazing, Welsh for Beginners, Songwriting Classes (In Welsh obviously), Late night comedy, Woodworking, Beatboxing classes and loads more. Plus we've got Outpost from Cardiff selling records and coffee and Porthcawl Bike Hire. There's loads more that I can't keep in my little doggy head. 
Anyone can upgrade on the door £45. Anyone who needs car parking will be directed on arrival.. 
Can't wait to see you all.. Woof woof. x 

Here's the Trolley info I used last year before we came down :) I don't know if there is another guy hiring out as well :)