Aldous Harding and the Walled Garden

I think I'm late to the Party (top pun!) but I've just listened to Aldous Harding for the first time.

What a talent! Gonna be very special in the Walled Garden early Saturday. 

T'was brilliant planning last year to tweak the layout and improve what was already a very special stage. Please keep it like that this year Walter???

The line up there this year is for me the best ever... Gill, Karl, YTK, Big Thief, Aldous, Alasdair, Michael C, TT ..... Sweet! 

I think I've become a bit obsessed with Aldous Harding. Imagine it's going to be quite busy in the Walled Garden when she's on, but I'll be there at the front. I was looking forward to seeing her play Thekla this Tuesday, but that's been put back until November due to her being booked to appear on Jools this week. Imagine she might gain some new fans on the back of that though. 

Just seen Aldous in London this evening. She puts on quite the performance. Very good. H. Hawkline provides various keyboard inputs. Works well. 

The walled garden changed for the better, imo.  The bar was moved to the back to free up more space in front of the stage.  Also fewer catering stands again at the back.  This also opened up another entrance/exit point to ease congestion.  Made it a much better space for watching great bands and many will remember the fantastic performacne by Whitney - a great band on the perfect stage.


my only disappointment is that the cider bar is located in the walled garden.  Great if you want cider and and a choice of 40 ciders to boot.  If you want a choice of beers then it is a longer walk to the courtyard.

Yeah, they should mix it up a bit. I bet plenty of cider aficionados wish there were some in the courtyard bar too. 


Good to hear that other door is (re) open. Handy. 

I thought seperating the dedicated beer and cider bars was a good thing personally. Effectively doubled the bar space and made queueing for either much quicker. Bit of a pain when buying a mixed round though I suppose, but the queues in the Courtyard Bar the previous year meant I missed some entire sets. 

There was beer available In the walled garden, just not the choice there was in the courtyard.  After saying that, it did not take too long to get served in the courtyard.  

I buy it to avoid having to queue behind knobhead real ale drinkers who want to debate the merits and demerits of a dozen different beers before actually buying anything. 

You won't miss much music if you drink cider ... well not as a result of queuing anyway.

On the subject of Aldous, she's been slowly creeping up my 'must see' list to the point that she's now at number two. I hope that 'special guest' is not too special.


intrigued to hear who's number one Perido? Aldous Harding did come over as decidedly eccentric in her performance on Jools last night, but I for one loved it. It'll have to be something pretty special on the Mountain Stage to divert me. 

Aldous Harding has just appeared on my to see list although not necessarily for the right reason.  Just seen that her partner is Marlon Williams so for me, that is a reason to see her.

Just watched Later on iPlayer Wakestock. I thought it was a great performance of a great song. I'd agree that seeing that in the Walled Garden should be as special as anyone could hope for.

Great performance from Pumarosa too, which gave just a hint of the energy they bring to a full gig. That will also be incredible in the WG so I really hoping they don't clash with Kate Tempest, who is my No. 1 must see.


I'm not entirely convinced though I'd like to see her. Just a bit too mannered for me, puts me in mind of the Newsome woman.

On the other hand, saw Julie Byrne last night who sings like an angel and can pick a mean guitar too. Also performing in the WG, I can thoroughly reccommend.

so, kras - julie byrne...

i have played that record to death

and mrs rad and i were very much looking forward to seeing her a couple of nights ago

musically marvellous, as expected

but personally she's a bit fucking annoying, isn't she?

10 minutes in the pub with her and i'd want to eat my own arm

she seemed quite charming last night, smiled a lot and said how she'd always wanted to come to birmingham etc.

she was a bit disparaging about London which went down well with us second city folk

maybe she was annoying because she was in london?

london annoys me a bit too



jim ghedi was support in london too, yes

boy can play for sure

wish he'd sung a bit more

did he tell that strange story about the pregnant goose?

geese lay eggs, jim...

can't imagine why ms byrne was disparaging about london

that crowd was all over her like a bad shirt

unless she was disparaging about the city in general - which is perfectly fine

but didn't you find her whole california earth mother schtick infinitely irritating?

all that coming-together-in-a-sacred-convergence-of-grateful-blessings bollocks?

i wanted to set her on fire

she probably knows better than to try that kind of thing with brummies

even in kings heath hipster heaven

she was disparaging about london in general and only very briefly

didn't say a great deal, just smiled a lot

she has a lovely smile

I don't recall a goose song

that'll be it then

in london, she was banging on about the manchester bomb

and there was lots of clutching of her bosom and talk of the healing communion of our sacred gathering

dear oh dear

and the goose thing wasn't a song

just a story - about having stayed in a welsh guesthouse on the tour - and the heady responsibility of being left in charge of a 'pregnant goose'

i suspect his host may have been pulling poor innocent jim's leg...

no mention of manchester

in fact iot was kinda nice to get away from that for an evening and listen to some fine music

performers (and folk in general) often don't come out with the most carefully considered reflections after an event like that though

ah we did hear about the welsh bunkhouse run by a mad old fucker


the sleeve notes on the back of both of ms byrne's records should have warned me, to be fair

but the music is so lovely

hopefully she'll keep the chat to a mimimum in the walled garden

she's doing a joint tour with michael chapman later in the year too

can't imagine he'll have much truck with all that sort of nonsense

Perhaps someone had a word with Julie after the London gig.

I think the one upside of shorter festival sets is the reduced likelihood of extended chat and/or self-indulgent solos.

Is greenman doing the shorter set thing, I didnt get that impression from the day splits/ clashfinder. I hope they dont, the effect will be more empty time on each stage so the next act can get set up, and more walking between stages. If anything, I want longer sets!


No, I just meant that, apart from headliners, festival sets are normally shorter than an artist would normally play.

I think the balance at GM is pretty reasonable but I'd also go for longer sets and reduced bill if I had the choice.


there are some Aldous Harding songs I really like, some that grow on you and others just not sure about.  Was hoping to see her do two songs on Jools so really disappointed they only had her do one.  She is on my must see for GM just debating now whether to see her again on the Thekla in the Autumn.

Is that the rearranged Bristol gig? You'd be silly not to, I doubt you'll get to see her in a small a venue as that again. 

My initial worry was that postponement might result in a change of venue, but no reason to suspect that might be the case. Added bonus the new date is on a Friday,,

And sure enough, the venue has been changed due to increased demand. Now at SWX, which by all accounts is a fairly souless nighclub. 

This is very disappointing and wonder what it will sound like in a soulesss nightclub.  For me disappointing as I only got a ticket after the original date had been cancelled.  if I was one of those who had a ticket for the original Thekla night, I would be really upset/annoyed.

I've not actually been to SWX to be fair, so maybe not as bad as I fea, but I don't think it'll be a patch on Thekla, which is one of my favourite venues. Certainly won't have the intimacy. 

This is very disappointing and wonder what it will sound like in a soulesss nightclub.  For me disappointing as I only got a ticket after the original date had been cancelled.  if I was one of those who had a ticket for the original Thekla night, I would be really upset/annoyed.

In my case the change in date is particularly unhelpful. Weekend nights are generally reserved for family commitments unless it's something special.

While this would normally fit the special category, that slot has already been taken by a Sunday night away in London to see Mark Kozelek on the same weekend.

I do however have the consolation of a second festival appearance at the Other Place.


New Big Thief album out today and it's lovely stuff. 

I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the aforementioned Walled Garden! 

As Glastonbury starts ramping up I'm beginning to get excited - only 8 weeks to go. I'll be spending a lot of time in the Walled Garden too I think with Gill Landry, Big Thief, Aldous Harding, YTK, Melt Yourself Down, Julie Byrne and Timber Timbre all on my 'to see' list. I'm worried about listening to any of the names I'm not familiar with for fear of creating more clashes...