We're packed and ready to go!

We're packed, the car is loaded up and we are ready to go! 

Ok, its because we are staying with family over the weekend before heading to the Settlers site, but it definitely feels like we are on our way :) 


I'll probably spend the next two days thinking of things I've forgotten to pack!


tent pegs?

that's what we forgot on our first GM in 2007

cost me a small fortune at the festival shop

Tent poles for us once on a holiday to Cornwall. No more work for two weeks, packing the car in the morning, off at lunchtimeish to stay with brother in Gloucester for a couple of nights. Leave early on Monday, stop in Abergavenny for supplies then ont to Glanusk for 10.00am. Woop Woop!

Was that for the Kremlin Krasnyi? I dread to think how many pegs that needs.

Pillows are my problem. The number of times I've forgotten pillows is ridiculous, with the result that we have a house full of pillows due to all the extra ones we've had to buy when camping.

Wow same here Peridot, I've bought so many pillows and pillowcases from Morrison's in Leominster.

Their sales must show a mysterious annual blip in mid August, I'm sure they stock up now in preparation!

Oh yes, it's a lovely route through the apple orchards of Hereford, about 3 hours door to door.

We always stop off on the way home at a cafe in Leominster, in our post festival shabby and slightly whiffy state, for an enormous fry up.

You worried me enough that I just checked the tent in my uncle's garden! We have poles and pegs - I know we have pillows as there is no way Mrs B would have let me leave the house without the pillows, duvet, air bed and pump! 

Proper pillow essential and not those useless blow ups. Always used to think they were a bit of a luxury and spent years using rolled up clothes. Never again.

Just loaded the car, I can't believe how much stuff we have to take! Pillows, waterproofs, tent pegs and poles all accounted for! 

The annual fitting of the roof bars and box has now taken place.

Waterproof trousers? Pshaw. Wear shorts and a waterproof coat/jacket. skin dries really quickly and I sweat like a sweaty thing with thosse plastic trousers on.

Did I ever tell you about the time we got all the way to Reading for Womad and realised the tickets were still in Moseley . . . . .

That story makes me feel queasy Kras.

Many years ago, before laptops, I worked for a big, big sports brand. I had a deliver a presentation to an important customer in London.

I left Manchester at 5am, drove down making a slight detour to Heathrow to pick up my MD .who was flying in to attend the meeting.

Opened the boot to put his luggage in and to my horror realised I'd left my portfolio, containing the entire design presentation, back home in Manchester.

Still makes me feel sick 25 years on.

Did you wing it?

The packing continues apace. One pair of wellies has gone missing and my usually reliable real ale and cider off-licence has no cider boxes. apart from that we're on course.

I did wing it, my boss popped a tranquiliser and it all turned out fine.

About to pack a phenomenal amount of camping gear into a boot and roof box.

As we're getting home by train the lighter we can travel the better, and though forecast looks predictably unpredictable at minute, I'm confident after the recent dry weather and likelihood that we'll have showers rather than three days constant rain, we'll be able to leave the wellies behind and stick to walking boots. Generally better option anyway I think, though I'm not so keen on subjecting them to a total quagmire, if only to save a major cleaning operation afterwards. 

We're packed and ready to go early tomorrow.

We couldn't even fit another packet of baby wipes in!

Hoping to arrive at 11ish.


haven't finished packing yet but am feeling smugly confident that we'll have enough room

either that or I've forgotten something large and important.

cant have too many wet wipes.

That assumes an internet connection, not likely with my mobile.

seem to remember someone posted pics from the programme last year

Okay ... you just need to keep Elizabeth off the wine until the job is done.

She's a bit like me ... technical capability no problem, but a possibility of being distracted by nice things that make you loose focus

Oi, I heard that!

Actually Peridot is very perceptive - it's true.

My little tablet thingy has to find wifi to work, but I will do my very best.

The blurry photos last year were down to ineptitude, not wine consumption.

Must go to bed now....but too excited to sleep!

See you all on site x

Sorry Elizabeth - I thought you had blamed the wine last year.

Well there's enough of you there to sort it out this year.

And I promise to buy a wine (or any other preferred beverage) for whoever does.