Dog On Wheels

Hello folks, 

Some stuff I wanted to give you folks a heads up on...  

1) Stack Cups are back. Purchase a souvenir cup from any bar for £1. 

2) We're introducing a no chairs rule between the two sets of stairs at the back of the Mountain Stage. We'll also be banning chairs and structures in the Mountain Arena and Far Out Tent after 6pm. 

3) Far Out will be almost twice as big this year. It's a huge tent!

4) We're moving cider out of the Courtyard bar and into the Walled Garden. We're hoping this will reduce queues in the Courtyard. 

5) We're adding a second Table Top Coffee Shop in the Courtyard. 

6) We've had a bit of a play around with the top field but you'll see that when you get here.. 

7) We've got some exciting new friends from the Canals and Rivers Trust and TUC who'll be both hosting tents full of talks and activities. 

8) If you wanted to bring back a Stack Cup from last year, we'll happily serve you a pint in it! 

9) You'll be able to buy our own Green Man Chocolate on site! 

10) I've ran out of things to tell you about.. Woof woof. 


Chocolate, beer and cider ... what more could a man want?

Good idea on the cider bar but I doubt it'll do much for the queues. Cider drinkers just get on with it, it's the real ale mob who need to have a 10 minute discussion with the barman before ordering anything. I sometimes wonder how they ever make a big purchasing decision whan a pint of beer causes so much angst.

Chair restrictions on the hill could get interesting. Won't be so many people able to set up camp and leave everything there while they wander off to other stages etc.

Can't wait to see the new Far Out, I'll be spending a lot of time in there.

Excitement levels have just gone up another notch.

Happy enough with the chair rule. Mostly it has policed itself and most people have a bit of cop-on but there's always a few who don't. 

Will I still be able to get a a Growler in the walled garden or will it now be exclusively Cider? 

Stack cups are great! 

Some good moves in there - chairs & 'structures', bigger far out tent.

Not sure how my cider drinking wife, and my ale drinking self are gonna cope with the changes to the courtyard bar however - that sounds like a bit of a mare to get us both a drink at the same time!

Read elsewhere that the Walled Garden Bar is bigger, so that will have at least the usual range of drinks plus the "real" ciders.

Hopefully the extension is at the expense of the irritating chip van :)

I'm also hoping the TUC presence might be the start of a Leftfield type area at GM. That really saved my sanity at Glastonbury.


Does "structures" include baby buggies/trucks? 

Might be unpopular, but they were beginning to take over the  Far Out tent and Walled Garden a bit.

Thank goodness I've just bought waterproof trousers, on Ray's recommendation - I will be able to sit on the ground without fear. 

So no chairs (or structures) at all anywhere around the Mountain Arena, or Far Out tent after 6pm? They can become a nuisance to say the least, but will be interesting to see how effectively that can be policed in practice. Reading between the lines, with the cider moving from Courtyard to Walled Garden, and a list of 22 local brewers mentioned on social media, has the notion of offering 100 beers and ciders been dropped this year? I think it was touted on here that perhaps a slightly reduced list of available beers might be more practical and help reduce queues in Courtyard Bar. Nice as it was having all that choice, perhaps it was a bit ambitious and maybe caused more problems than it was worth? So long as there's still a good selection I'll be happy

I'm one of the biggest anti chair campaigners but I would've banning them on the hill is a bit much. Some of the clientele there are reasonably old compared to many festivals and I think there's a balance. This seems a bit much. It doesn't get that crowded at the back on the mountain stage and we haven't exactly got the biggest draws on there this year. I think going quite so far with this will turn a few people off

Cheers Walter ... that makes sense and should work okay.

Although I had been secretly looking forward to the Great Chair Consternation Catastrophe threads after the festival.

I'm inclined to agree roscoe. I suspect part of the attraction of GM to some folk is the fact that they can relax in comfort without impinging on anyone else. After a day on my feet I've often enjoyed it myself. And I've often found the crowd up there more respectful of the acts than the idiot chatterers in the front few rows.

I predict a peaceful revolt will ensure contunity of chair rights on the hill this year.

"And if you ain't up on the Hill, you lose
Now damn the jokes and damn the torpedos
Live a life of your dreams, like boz did Lido" 


I think you're reading the rules wrong. No chairs in between the two sets of stairs wont stop picnic blankets etc (indeed I am not sure what this is meant to achieve).

No chairs or structures will not include pushchairs or the pull trolleys for kids.

No chairs or structure in the mountain arena after 6pm will apply to the ground level only, not the hill. 

If that were the case I'd be wholeheartedly behind the move, but reading it literally it does say the mountain arena, which to me says the whole thing?

It is as clear as mud (sorry for using that word)

I read it as chairs okay to the side of the steps but not between the steps, but it could equally be a complete ban after 6.

Hopefully the med tent will be expanded to be able to deal with all the injuries caused by tripping over folded camping chairs :)


I'm always discreet and only have a low, portable chair, without which my old bones (and many others) wouldn't be able to cope. Does this mean that it's only standing or sitting on the floor after 6pm in the main bowl of the Mountain Stage? I have a genuine back condition and that's not going to be possible - say it aint so please Walter?

the chair ban will be good for most but I hope the green man has provided a good viewing platform for the new far out tent and perhaps something for those who need to take a chair.  Banning chairs between the main stairs is a good move and will make it easier to get about.  I think Walters use of the word arena implies the area directly in front of the main stage and who would want to take a chair to sit Down in the midst of an enthusiastic evening crowd?  

got my cups ready, been getting in the way in the kitchen cupboard for almost a year so will be good to get them out.

be interested to see the new Far Out tent

in my Womad days their big tent had raised seating down one side which would be good, possibly

It sounds like it might rival the Kremlin, Krasnyi

I'm hoping for enclosed sides and tunnel entrances - no natural light whatsoever, that's the way to go.


"Far Out will be almost twice as big this year. It's a huge tent!"

Does that mean something like the John Peel tent from Glasto, or the 6 Music tent from Latitude?

I hope the new Far Out doesn't affect bands earlier on in the day. The old tent was too small for some of the headliners but I liked it for the afternoon bands because it never really felt empty. 

Absolutely agree Mikey, so long as they're OK for the rest of the main bowl (towards the side/back obviously) - the implications of otherwise having to stand for hours isn't physically doable and means no more GM for me after more years than i can remember. TBH, the biggest nuisance i've come across over the last few years has been those with child trollies who plough through the crowd irregardless of what's in their way and park them across entrances with little thought towards anyone else...

I'm sure it will all work out okay staffop. The rules just give licence to point out the error of their ways to anyone who's being a dick.

Green Man has never been about heavy-handed enforcement of any rules, so I expect we'll all continue to find our own happy medium.


Was just a mild panic attack, unseemly in a man of my years. Say hi if you're passing and see a suitably refreshed codger reclining at the back of the field!