Absolute must-sees

I appear to be one of the most positive people on here when it comes ot this year's line-up. At current reckoning I have 23 'must-sees'. Never going to happen of ourse, due to clashes and possible childcare issues but I can dream.

So how about an absolute top five must-sees. Performers so crucial that if two of them clash then time travel will have to be invented ahead of August.



Phil Cook

Joan Shelley

Yorkston, Thorne, Khan

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ezra Furman


The latter two because they're probably the best live acts I've seen in recent times. Ezra can't be beaten for sheer exuberance and life-affirming joy and UMO are just so wonderfully and psychedlically funky.

No room for RW in the top five shock!

Don't worry Ryley, there's room for you in mine.

Grandaddy, Phil Cook, Joan Shelley (you get Nathan Salsburg for free with Joan - hooray!) and YTK too.

Kamasi Washington on the bench.

In no particular order:

Michael Rother, Tindersticks, Ezra Furman, Moonlandingz, Fat White Family

About another 10 on the subs bench

Nearly impossible, but I'm seeing Joan Shelley, Nathan Sazburg and YTK following weekend, so I can miss those out.

Grandaddy (although might have to leave kids at Mountain for B&S)

Phil Cook

Ryley Walker 

King Gizzard

Julia Holter (missed her last time)

This will change tomorrow but for today I'll go for Tindersticks, Kevin Morby, Daniel Norgren, Aidan Moffat and Grandaddy. 

Had I not the pleasure of seeing Ryley a few weeks ago he would undoubtably be top 5. 


Blimey thats difficult.

OK my five (today) are:

Julianna Barwick

Cavern of Anti Matter

Floating Points

Julia Holter


Miracle Legion


Jagwar Ma


Ezra Furman

And also Aidan Moffat/Malcolm Middleton/Arab Strap 


Like others I could choose more, but here we go.


Kamasi Washington (believe me, the new, enlarged Far Out Tent will have its roof blown off)

Phil Cook

Ryley Walker

White Denim

Laura Marling ( always changing, always interesting)

Meilyr would be on my list too, wonderfully engaging live performer, but saw him earlier in year and will see again in September.


I love how our musical tastes overlap in slightly different ways.

For me it's -

Ezra Furman (obvs)

Kamasi Washington

Jason Isbell

Arab Strap

Laura Marling



ryley walker

ezra furman

belle and sebastian


but i'm not looking forward to the sunday night closing dash between julia holter on the main stage - to the far out for ezra - and back to the main for B&S

almost flap all of interest to me across the weekend - and then that...

I'd probably go for Unknown Mortal Orchestra over Julia for that reason, but ... if the MS times shifted a bit to the left it might be possible to catch both, with Ezra to follow. What a threesome that would be. 

Sunday is certainly the strongest day. I've got numerous options that all look pretty exciting.

Oh my god, that's incredible ...


... a bunch of young folk paying pretty much undivided attention to what's happening on the stage :)


Throws (meaning Barwick does not make this list).

BC Camplight

Pictish Trail 


Steven James Adams (he released a lovely album recently). 

Honorable Mentions: Magnetic North, Holter, Glasby, Norgen, YTK, Gizzard.

I'd forgotten about Throws. For some reason they've been overlooked on the official Spotify playlist.

They wouldn't make my top 5, but certainly get close to it.


Just discovered them the other day.

Always liked Tunng but thought they'd run out of steam last time I saw them at Green Man.

good chance they won't be clashing with any of my must-sees so hope to check them out

Three must-sees for me are Ezra Furman, Meilyr Jones, and Kamasi Washington. I have a far longer list of things I'd very much like to see mind: Meatraffle, King Gizzard, White Denim, Floating Points, Kevin Morby, Joan Shelley, BC Camplight, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Yorkston Thorne Khan, Julia Holter, UMO, Moonlandingz and Grandaddy. I'd say Ryley Walker as well, but I'll be seeing him just a couple of weeks before Green Man anyway

He's the real deal though. Sun Ra Arkestra was one of my highlights last year too, so I think there's room for a bit of jazz in the mix. Judging by their Glastonbury performance there's a distinctly strong jazz element to Floating Points' live performance too

Jazz "aficionados" appear to dislike his association with the genre

not enough "breathing space" between the notes or something

i don't want breathing space I want to be suffocated!



First time for me @ Green Man having been a Glastohead for many years so really looking forward to a different vibe ...must sees are James Blake, Fat Whites who never fail to disappoint with their music and onstage nudity, Moonlandingz, Julianna Barwick, Tindersticks, Wild Beasts, Gengahr, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lush and the mighty Grandaddy who I adore.  A lot to love on the line up and I'm looking forward to a few surprises and the general trip into the unknown.....

Second year of GM as I loved it so much last year.

In no particular order...

Ezra Furman

Kevin Morby

Fat White Family

Kamasi Washington


Sunday's going to a great day for music!

Belle and Sebastian (Grandaddy would have been 2nd - oh well)

Ezra Furman

King Gizzard

Jagwar Ma

Laura Marling


Plenty on the bench including Fat White Family if the kids can stay awake long enough.


Serious love for Ezra here. I must be missing something! 

I feel like the lad that got into the 3D movie but forgot his glasses. 

Looks like I'll be the only one round here going to listen to Sam Lee sing about Lily White Damsels and Ships a-sailing on Sunday evening!! 

Don't know why I started this 'cos I sure as hell can't pick five. Just been watching Belle & Sebastian from Glastonbury 2015 to cheer me up from all the madness around (Boris fucking Johnson as Foreign Sec???) and they are obviously a must -see!

Whitney and Kevin Morby both playing the Hare & Hounds on the Tuesday and Thursday after Green Man which takes a bit of pressure off me regarding potential clashes. Both more than good enough to merit seeing twice within a few days though but.

Thanks for the link Slugger, I'll have a listen to that tomorrow. I love KM's records but found him disappointing live when I saw him last year.

I really want to give him another chance though, and I expect that potential clash may disappear when the actual times are announced, but unfortunately I'm really loving Black Peaches too so I think they and the Cowbois will be the two things that are likely to drag me out into the light on Sunday.  


amazing that people have been singing that song for the best part of 50 years and I bet the poor bugger who wrote it (Jackson C. Frank) never saw a peny from it


sandy denny's version remains the best but then you can't compare anyone to sandy

Yup. I turned to Slug Junior in "wise father mode" last year whilst Meic Stevens was doing his stuff and whispered "that's a Bert Jansch song. I have the original at home"  

(Sorry Jackson wherever you are)

Agree with Ray, the Bert Jansch version is the definitive one for me. Steve Gunn is another one I will definitely be looking out for. If anyone has heard the Kendrick Lamar record, and it's impressive even if it's just for production, then Kamasi Washington is responsible for a lot of that sound. I read the Sandy Denny book too Kras, not the happiest of reads is it, but nonetheless informative.

Only up to the Fairport era at prseent but have read other biogs and am familiar with the story - really awfully sad, this one seems to redress the balance regarding Trvor Lucas who was portrayed as the villain in the past


Greeting all, I'm new here, figured this thread prob as good a place as any to start. My essential top 5 are...

All Them Witches

Baba Naga


Besnard Lakes

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Fat White Family

White Denim

Ezra Furman

Oh, by the way, I can't count!

Like your style.

Also like your list contains three of my must-sees and two avoid at all costs!