Belle & Sebastian, James Blake & Wild Beasts Headline Green Man 2016!

A huge hello to you all!

Today is a happy day, because today sees the official launch of Green Man 2016! That's right, we're coming out of hibernation to bring forth a burgeoning wave of musical delights PLUS a brand-new website for you all to spend hours playing with We'll be hiding prizes in the toy throughout the year - so keep checking back to see what's new. 

After years spent besotted by their effortless individuality and independent spirit, it makes it all the sweeter to finally welcome the imperious Belle & Sebastian to Green Man. James Blake will cast hypnotic beats and magical melancholy over the Brecon Beacons (his fourth appearance for us!). And we're chuffed to welcome Thursday headliner Wild Beast's strange-and-beautiful pop to our own wild pastures. Woooof, What a treat! 

Remember, keep checking back for all the exciting new additions to the Green Man '16 line up including our 4th headliner!

Check out the rest of the lineup (so far) over here -

Can't wait to see you all in the green Welsh hills.

Yours truly - Walter - Green Man's very own wild beast

Woof woof x

Come here Walter and let me give you a big kiss on your shiny wet nose!

Not too bothered about the headliners as usual but Green Man ain't about headliners. How did you get inside my head to choose White Denim, Phil Cook, Joan Shelley, Miracle Legion, UMO, Julia Holter, Michael Rother, Meilyr Jones, etc etc. 

Bloody love you!


Its between Green Man and EotR again for me this year.  There are plenty of names on this announcement to excite but I'm working on the assumption PJ will play one of the two this year and thats decision made if she does.

Probably as bad as when I said the Tindersticks nsinger sounded like Vic Reeves in pub singer mode but PJ Harvey sets my teeth on edge.

Good to know Walter, thanks.  No point holding out for that announcement then.  Need to base it on the other good stuff you'll bring us.

So last night I actually said I would be heart-broken if Ezra Furman wasn't playing Green Man this year.... How did you know!? I already know he is going to be an absolute highlight!

and this is just the first wave....thanks walter, you've just turned a wet and windy sheffield into a sunny day in the brecon beacons. So, so good xx

I sincerely hope so Elizabeth.

Apart from a couple of exceptions, it's as dull as ditchwater.

Delighted to see Ezra Furman there, as I'm going to miss his tour next month but nothing else excites me much.


do not want to worry anyone but Cate le Bon says she is playing green man festival at Neath this year according to her website.  In that case one of us will be standing in an empty field next August.  

i go with the general consensus that the headliners are not the most exciting so far, but very impressed with the others.  there  looks to be plenty of room for more announcements, if wild beasts are playing on the Thursday and James Blake headlines the far out, that means we have two more headline acts for main stage to come.  This is a good start with Some more big announcements to follow. Very happy, the early bird ticket was a good investment yet again.

They have stated that there is one more headliner to come so James Blake must be a mainstage headliner,I think the headliners are dull but there is enough to like, for a first announcement, on the undercard.Seen Jagwar Ma a few times and they are probably my highlight so far,but also happy with Michael Rother,Sunflower Bean,Palace Winter.To be honest quite a few i will be happy to watch but not worried if i miss because they clash.And does state Grandaddy and Leon Bridges on the Mojo facebook.

ive just checked mojo and you're right..very interestin. No official action on the granddaddy communication front yet though. I agree with most other posters though - mixed response but very happy with UMO, White Denim, Wild Beasts and Cate Le Bon. More than happy to research other bands I haven't heard yet

It appears the majority are happy with the first announcement which is good. I think you get more value for your money just on music alone at EotR based on the last few years, especially the headline acts.  The ticket prices have gone up exponentially over the years and this should reflect on the headline acts but greenman to be fair is a lovely festival but I just dont dig some of the acts that bring a certain crowd, just my opinion of course. I'm just a grumpy fucker !! And Chris I'm with you on ezra, what the hell is all the fuss about, clearly he has something, I'm just not digging it.

Delighted with Ezra Furman, Cate Le Bon, UMO, Songhoy Blues.

Headliners are dull, dull and dull but then again headliners at Green Man are not what the festival is about.



As Carnie says above, it would be nice to have one to get excited about and hopefully we'll get that. We've had some very good ones in NMH, Band of Horses, Patti Smith, Hot Chip and others, but Green Man does often seem to trail End of the Road on the headliner front.

These three are all quite tame at face value - but in the context of a really strong final announcement could look like a great supporting cast... I'll cling to that for now.

I have twelve MUST-SEES already, one of which includes a new one to me, Jason Isbell - how come he never made my radar?

There have been years when I haven't had twelve MUST-SEES come August!


I'm sure it was someone here requesting Jason Isbell that cause me to have a listen a while back.

Certainly a pearl amongst swine in the current line-up, even if a little twee :-)




Swine peridot? What's up wi' thee? Phil Cook? Joan Shelley? Julia Holter? White Denim? UMO? Trader Horne (missed them the first time I looked)? Really looking forward to Miracle Legion, one of the coolest bands in the decade from hell (1980s natch).

I'll certainly enjoy most of the above and a couple of others. I just think there's a lot of tedium and nothing to be excited about. Probably spoiled by having three exciting headliners and a terrific undercard last year. 

I'm sure that future announcements will be more to my taste. If not, I'll look forward to a weekend free of clashes with time to enjoy the riches of the cinema and literature tents, which I rarely get to do.


In that case I need to thank you for the recommendation Chrissied. Southeastern is indeed a stunning album, I've been listening to it a lot.

Something More Than Free has some great songs too, although I don't think it has quite the same consistency as its predecessor

I think people are being a little unfair,it's a really strong first announcement,not what i would choose but i think will sell lots of tickets.I love EOTR but lets be fair,2 of these headliners have previously headlined EOTR and many of the other acts have played EOTR.And it's only a small percentage that has been announced so far.I think people on the forum[and maybe Green Man crowd in general]seem to want to watch acts they have already seen or are their favourites instead of being open minded to the new like the ATP/EOTR crowd.I'm sure by the time everything has been announced there will be enough for everyone after all it wouldn't be the Green Man forum if there were not a few moans after every announcement.x

Unusual for Green Man that all the headliners (so far at least) are British. Would a reunited Grandaddy be another headliner? I'm pleased to see Ezra Furman, White Denim, UMO, Julian Holter, Meilyr Jones, Songhoy Blues and Michael Rother announced anyway, even if the headliners are a little underwhelming. That said, I'm sure B&S on the Mountain Stage will be perfectly pleasant if there's nothing else on that grabs me more. A few for me to investigate further too

Dear god, yes. The two tracks I've heard so far are terrific. Will attempt to get tickets for Albert Hall tomorrow, although I note that's billed as the only UK date for them.

no - no scuttlebut

but i dearly hope they do get him

as london sold out in what seemed like seconds this morning - with no ticket for me

i haven't missed an iggy / stooges london show since 1985

so that is unacceptable...

Bad luck Ray, had two windows open managed to get two through Ticketbastard, seats in the circle, was prepared to splash out on the expensive ones but all gone. One's a birthday present for my son. Will be my first time for Iggy.

Grandaddy would be good and jason is currently touring - playing UK in the spring so there's always hope. There doesn't seem any "OMG where did that spring from" names on the lineup yet? No Television or Patti Smith. Still at least six names I am happy about

Patti Smith at Green Man 2013 remains one of the standout moments from any gig/festival that I've ever been to, and I go back a long way. She played in the Far Out tent on Thursday night and set the tone for the whole weekend. People were still talking about in on Sunday afternoon. The Waterboys in 2015 and Leftfield last year also did the job, and all of them were different, musically speaking. So, I shall look forward to being surprised this year, although I think Thursday night has already been pencilled in hasn't it? I preferred it when we were all waiting with baited breath up until a few weeks before the gates opened.



Daniel Norgren's album "Alabursy" is a thing of beauty! 

thanks for the tip Mr Slugger. Brilliant! Two minutes from suggestion, to listen, to hooked. god how I miss the old days of trips to and from town,waiting in queues just to find I'd bought a load of rubbish. Will certainly be having this on repeat.

they were marvellous in-store at rough trade last night

though the sober jamie lee is taking some time for me to get used to...

i can strongly recommend it

(though obviously contractually i am unable to return your entrance fee should you ultimately disagree)

EOTR have a few nice announcements there


bat for lashes (would have dearly loved them to be the final GM headliner after the sexwitch show last year...)


glad that they have animal collective, rather than GM though

and many here will be glad that ms newsom is playing there instead

though i'd have liked to see her

The absence of the wailing wench from the GM line-up was indeed a consolation to me, although I find Mothers to sound just as woebegotten.

Would have loved BFL too, and I'm hoping that at least one of Phosphorescent / Steve Mason / Jeffrey Lewis / Field Music can be shared.