Hi we are looking for one little folks ticket, will pay for next day delivery too as it is getting late in the day, can anyone help, thanks layla

Thanks for both comments, the Twickets tickets have to be picked up plus i can't only buy one by the look of it.  Nathan, did your friend get back in contact with you?

Thanks again Layla

Hi Layla

I spotted a little folks ticket on Gumtree (just gone on), and the person is based at Crickhowell so you can pick it up on your way to the festival.

Yes, he did. And you can have it. I'm not sure of the age ranges for the tickets. He has a 1 year old, so the ticket is for whatever that bracket is. At this stage it is prob easier to give it to you in person, on site. We will get there early evening Thursday. 

Hmm, I think what he has is an infant ticket (<5) and you want a little folk (5-12), is that right? If so i think there is another thread that does want an infant ticket.... Let me know.