Decisions, decisions - although tired children might make the decisoin for me.

What should I go for?

Sweet Baboo v. Teleman (think it has to be Sweet Babs)

Calexico v. Kiran Leonard

Atomic Bomb v. Emmy the Great

Leisure Society v. H Hawkline

Sturgill Simpson v. Songhoy Blues v. Jane Weaver

White Fence v. This is the Kit

Television v. Wave Pics (the big one!)

Father John Misty v. Courtney Barnett

Wrestling with some of those too. It may change on the day but at the moment I'm going -

Sweet Baboo


Neither ... Temples

Leisure Society (also clashing with Vok, which is a double bugger)

Jane Weaver

White Fence

Wave Pictures (could never miss an opportunity to see them)

FJM (this, and the St Vincent/Owen Pallett are the worst for me)



Just 3 areas of concern for me

Bill Ryder-Jones  v   Will Varley

Television v The Wave Pictures

and .... (prepare for a forum backlash!!)  ... Waxahatchee v Ryley Walker


FJM has something but he hasn't managed to seduce me away from Courtney Barnett ... yet

My head says Television

Probably won't have the opportunity to ever see them again.

Marquee Moon is one of the greatest albums ever.

But not seeing David T and the boys?

Disloyalty that.

Agreed. I think the "last chance to see them" criteria might come into play here for us. That rule was applied 2 years ago when Roy Harper took priority over Arboretum.

Although I'm still hoping that with Mr Verlaine being around the same vintage as Van Morrison maybe the Clashfinder is wrong and Television could get an 8 o Clock slot like smiley Van got. 

I think it's only Van that insists his headline slot is timed such that he can get his private helicopter home in time for this nightly Horlicks.

It is painful to miss Television, but I've never seen them so in a way I don't know what I'm missing. And ... I could be disappointed - WP will not disappoint.


Sweet Baboo v. Teleman - SB

Calexico v. Kiran Leonard - Cal

Atomic Bomb v. Emmy the Great - AB

Leisure Society v. H Hawkline - a draw. Prob HH

Sturgill Simpson v. Songhoy Blues v. Jane Weaver - Songhoy dancealot

White Fence v. This is the Kit - WF

Television v. Wave Pics (the big one!) - WP (im old enough to remember Television from the burning desire to revisit)

Father John Misty v. Courtney Barnett - FJM (I've been swayed by my co-travellers, given that I've called the shots on pretty much everything else)

I share the St Vincent and Owen Pallett conundrum. I've seen St V at each of the last two EOTRs, so am going for OP, looking forward to it.

I agree that any rational consideraton would lead to a decision in favour of Television - but I still reckon that various irrational ideas will drive me towards the Walled Garden.


Have to admit my schedule changes all the time once i'm there,depending on weather,mood,level of intoxication and wether i can be arsed walking up and down the hill again.

I like the idea of watching the Fall more than actually watching them...

More love for the Wave Pictures here, though they don't seem to come south that much... they'd be playing weekly across Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield...

Sunday night is a bit of a pile up. Probalby have to go for FJM since I haven't seen him before, but Courtney Barnett is great live.

100% with you on FJM vs. CB. Have seen her live twice and would love to see her again, but even though I'm not hugely enamoured by FJM's album, I've heard so much about how good he is live that he has to be the choice for me. Of course if there is a 30 minute gap in the start times and FJM isn't cutting it for me, then I'll be off down the hill to CB.

I love early fall and the occasional period since then

found them teious at the lunar festival

mes can't even be bothered to rant anymore, he emplys one of his burly drummers to do that from the back of the stage

I'm the same to be honest,always think i'm going to enjoy the Fall but leave half way through,after saying that it's the same with Wave Pictures for me----sorry.

After looking at Clashfinder I'm not worrying about potential clashes, I'll just decide at the time or even have a wander and discover something else entirely! I know some people watch half a set of each artist but I don't like to do that, if I go and see a band I like to stay for the whole set. Unless they're terrible.

No one seems to have mentioned Ultimate painting-one of Veronica Falls and one of Mazes,a really catchy if far from perfect debut cd-takes a couple of plays---a mix of Velvets/west coast sound---a pleasant way to start Sunday.

ultimate painting are on my must see list

that green lanes record is a cracker (it's actually their second, i think)

big mates of pete astor too - which makes pretty much anyone all right in my book

same goes for the left outsides

but they're on at 11.30 in the morning

which sadly makes it unlikely i'll catch them

will definitely be there for UP though

I saw Ultimate Painting's 4th ever gig at the bottom of the bill @ O2 Oxford, supporting The Wytches and Parquet Courts. I'd be amazed if I ever saw a better 3rd on the bill act in such a relatively small venue. Liked them a lot, and looking forward to seeing them again.

Mine too.

I imagine they'll try to find someone to fill the slot. Joanna Gruesome are back in business (sadly without Alana) - I'd be on the phone to them.


when I saw them earlier in the year at the Hare & Hounds I got them to do two requests - Friday Night and We Dress Up as Snowmen - a big favourite with my kids

When i looked on amazon it stated people who like this were also interested in Level 42---didn't need to look any further.

as I tell my students it was the decade from hell

threat of nuclear war, dismantling of welfare state, new romantics,fretless basses and syndrums

I don't think it was necessarily better or worse than any other decade. 

We didn't start the fire; it was always burning; since the world's been turning ...

There was certainly some brilliant music amongst the dirge.

I agree in 30 years when this decade becomes fashionable it will not be GM/EOTR style artists that people remember it will be the dross thats in the charts at the moment.And i don't think we are living in the most peaceful of times either.

I'm most dissappointed about the clash with Super Furries and Slowdive. The latter would be a perfect warm up for the Furries on the Mountain stage. Any chance of a last minute swap Green Man?

And now with the introduction of LA Priest this has turned into a 3-way clash (mind-melt :-/)

ok - let me clarify

people who didn't live through the 80s seem determined that what was popular was actually great

yes - me too

they were an early highlight for me from the undercard

though currently in a three way clash with bill ryder-jones and briana mirela...

Hopefully can watch Zefur Wolves and Briana Mirela.They need to experiment one year and release times,i suspect it will zero impact on programme sales.

I have some blurry photos featuring vital information but I don't know how to share them arghh! Someone tell me what to do.