Vegetarian food

Trying to decide whether to bring a camping stove or rely on food stalls. Is there much choice for vegetarians, and how expensive is the food?

I think there are a fair few vegi things, there is a fallafal place, I think the Goan Fish Curry place does something vegi (are you a pescatarian?), I think the burritto place did something vegi. It is all festival prices of course, but not gougingly so. 

Depending on how big your appetite it can be expensive to have all your meals from the stalls. Like whyowhy we cook a good breakfast ourselves in the morning, shove a few snacks in the backpack and eat one meal a day from the stalls.

The mexican place does a good value veggie meal, and in recent years there's been a good burger place in the walled garden. The laverbread burgers are ace. The Tea & Toast van also does a great veggie bacon buttie if you like that kind of thing. 

Same---big breakfast in the morning,snacks in the afternoon and a meal in the evening.Cannot believe my dining room table at the moment full of booze/crisp/various snacks,soft drinks etc--i don't think i took this much when i camped.