Best place to camp for sleep? Plus Stage times or day splits?

First question is for my lady wife. We like to camp in the quietest camp we can find. Last year we stumbled on the quiet camping area which was rammed (was it me, or were ALL the campsites seemingly REALLY busy last year?!?). So...any recommendations would be most agreeable.


The second question i think was answered somewhere else. But im damned if i can find it again.....


Thanks. 4 weeks to go. :)

last year, the day splits were already announced by now

on the 16th july, in fact:

but the festival ran from the 14th to the 17th last year

so as GM is a week later this year, my mathematical brain (rarely used) tells me that we should get the day by days...




specific stage times are never announced until the programme itself

except for the thursday times - which i think we get the day before

Looking at last year's lineup again I'm amazed how much I managed to see. Still gutted I didn't see more than the last 10 minutes of William Tyler's set though. What a nice treat it would be to have this year's tomorrow, so we can spend the weekend poring over it. Please don't let Steve Gunn or William Tyler clash with Father John Misty or Matthew E White

Sorry?   William Tyler?

Where did this come from Wakestock?

Also only caught last part of William Tyler set last year, so would be very happy to see him again

I figured they would be soonish (day orders. not times. I knew they are only in t' programme). NOW.......any help on the 'best place to camp' question? OR is it just.....quiet is the place

The best place to camp is the live-in area, but that's probably not helpful :)

From previous year's reports it would seem to be pretty much pot luck. The areas and the boundaries between them are not very clearly delineated. Wherever you plump for you may have a lovely bunch of neighbours (most likely) or a bunch of twats.

The area furthest from the main entrance down by the river behind family camping used to be a kind of overflow area and very quiet. I haven't been down there the past couple of years but I expect with increased attendance it's probably busier than before.

Personally I'd go for family camping as generally a good bet - as long as you don't mind some noise from kids earlier in the morning. Unless you have a blue car park ticket it is a bit of a trek from the general entrance though.


As Peridot says, pot luck really Moz. Little delineation between areas, unlike the mines and watchtowers of Latitude :) I've done Settlers, Family and General, never had really disastrous neighbours. The worst were in family a couple of years back, family with 4 kids, up at 6.30am playing family games and singing, inconsiderate gits, strangely they packed up and left on Saturday.

We park in Orange and camp in General, about halfway between the box office and arena entrance and as close to the river as we can get, we always arrive Thrusday morning so there are decent spots left to pitch the tent. Always been lucky with neighbours and although you can hear the Far Out tent through the night from where we are the campsite noise has always been fine for sleeping.

Apparently the day splits failed to materialise yesterday because 'the artwork was squiffy and they couldn't run with it'. Tantalisingly close then, but wonder if they have anyone around to fix it over the weekend? 

Presumably that'll be in the cinema tent then? Be nice to see them in the Walled Garden too, in the sunshine. OK, perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away now

Oh no ... more 'must see' stuff in the cinema tent. But what will that be clashing with?

I'm already getting stressed.

Can somebody remind me which film has Field Music doing the live score?


... and after that maybe someone could fix the picture and link on the line-up page re. Chris Jones. 

i'm assuming it's the Welsh trad-folk singer and guitar/ bouzouki picker and not the other drivel that they've pictured and linked to? 

i'm being a total baby about this today

i want them - and i want them now!