Wi-Fi at the festival site

 For Walter (or anyone else that knows) I understand that there are some Wi Fi hot spots on site.  Can you tell me where these are and do we need a password to get access? Thanks.

No it was open if I remember correctly. The hot spot was in the merch shop next to the Mountain Stage. I think they opened it up because the programmes/lanyards sold out so quicky it was a way for people to check stage times etc. But like I said it was very hit and miss with that many people trying to connect.

you're at a festival?!? Why do you need your electronic devices?!?

I despair.

If there is a real reason to need to be in touch with someone (i.e. ill family etc), then fine. One could wonder why you are at a festival anyways, if this reason is taking your attention away from a festival anyways. But thats another discussion.


It appears the majority of wifi users are gonna be updating their shitbooks or twatter or instacrap with selfies & meaningless rubbish. They MUST keep in contact & interact ALL THE TIME with ANYONE who MIGHT know them. ITs just....all so depressing. Yr know?


But i am an old man. 

Sadly Moz sometimes there are more important things in life than music to attend too, if only life was that simple.  BTW I'm an old man too (60) and really don't normally have time for echnology but when needs must................  Guess we wont be meeting up at the Wi -Fi hotspot then, that's if i ever get to find where one is.  Rgds.

kinda my point. We ALL like, nay, LOVE festivals. But....its kinda a break from the 'norm'. And, if there is a reason you need wifi, well....thats probably more important than a festival, as much fun as festivals are. Therefore, you maye shouldn't be at a festival?


But, you know, im a cantankerous old (39) fool. And do not like the infiltration of technology in festivals. Who else is SO annoyed with peeps watching gigs THROUGH THEIR PHONES?!? Your RIGHT THERE!!! LIVE THE MOMENT! Don't 'watch' it! etc.


I dig lots of tech (Netflix is brilliant). Just....not at a festival? Im hoping i make sense. My original comment was made with a sense of....frustration about this, is all. Apologies if I caused offence. 

No worries, maybe it's good to get it off your chest now so you can chill more when you get to GM.  Have a good one.

Incidentally if my maths is correct I've worked out that I was at my first festival before you were born - Reading in 1974 although it was called the Reading Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival back then.  Now that does make me feel really old!