Are we due some news?

Based on little more than a cursory glance, doesn't the line-up feel a bit light? Are we due one more announcement before August?

Definitely one more announcement to come as Thursday's line up hasn't been confirmed yet. Not sure about the rest of the weekend but at a guess I'd say most of it has been announced now.

Interesting! I asked this question a good few weeks ago and was told that there was plenty more to come. There still hasn't been any announcement regarding the Literature Tent, which is a huge part of my time at the festival.

I reckon there's quite a bit more to come. Is the last set of announcements usually this late? Maybe they've decided that since it's already sold out they're just going to do one big announcement of everything else once the very last act is confirmed rather than the usual drip-feed which is presumably aimed at getting tickets sold. Or are they holding back for a reason (ie a big announcement that needs to be a surprise for some reason?)

I wonder why they can't just tell us. I mean the tickets have sold out so they don't need to keep drip-feeding names to stimulate ticket sales.

("It's a banger" - tries to think of sausage-related band name but fails. Anyone else?)

i thought it was one of the best things i've ever seen

vega was obviously exhausted by the end

but he's 77!

and had a stroke and a heart attack a couple of years ago

so a show of that length was a lot to ask from him

the solo thing he did with dante and liz lamare was incredible though

and suicide themselves...

to be that confrontational after all this time


shame about all the arseholes in the audience

but what were they expecting?  an easy ride?

this is suicide, baby

saw them supporting the clash in torquay in 78 or 79 

several hundred baying clash fans and possibly just me who thought that suicide might just be rather more significant in the long run

still have a limited edition suicide album which I think I won in an NME competition - the highlight being a version of Frankie Teardrop during which Vega gets attacked by the audience who he baits mercilessly

I thought he showed remarkable energy given his health at times. Agree that the section with his wife and son was fantastic. Very glad I went, don't imagine I'll get aonther chance to see them. I was up in the circle, fairly arsehole free up there.

Was that the gig in Belgium Krasnyi? Think I have it on cd, saw the Clash back then but sadly not Suicide.

Roll on Thursday

as ever, i can offer an opportunity to relive the experience

drop me a PM on the unofficial site if you'd like a copy, smithers

On that Facebook thread they also cryptically posted the letter L. Combined with the post-Latitude timing of the announcement I deduce it must be Laura Marling. Must have been around four years since she last played? Assume quite a few of those 40 will be Chai Wallahs and Green Man Rising, as I reckon we have the bulk of acts for other stages now. They also revealed Richard Dawson is playing on the Saturday, but that still leaves the Clashfinder a little sketchy. Talking of Latitude, nice bonus for me is that Portishead have announced a warm-up show at Cardiff Uni on Thursday

laura marling doesn't really fit in with the classic / heritage / whateveryouwanttocallit act idea for the thursday headliner that they've established with patti smith and the waterboys

but i suppose it's only been two years - so not exactly a set in stone principle

i hope it's not her

but only selfishly - because i don't like what she does - and there are no other stages on which to go and see someone else

They did also suggest it's a band that's been around for a while, so that might rule Laura Marling out on both counts. The Monday timing does make it sound like it's someone who's also appearing at Latitude though. They are quite the tease. What's the significance of the beast comment ahead of tomorrow's announcement? Wild Beasts perhaps?

L is for Leftfield. That's my bet at least. 

Think she'll be there, but not as the Thursday headliner. Trembling Bells are also touring with first couple of Green Man days free on their itinerary 

It's like an old episode of the "classic" Saturday evening "family light entertainment" show 321 with Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin. 

"Let's have a look at the clues. The letter "L", "it's a banger" and "beast rustling in the courtyard". Well if you were to put a bin out would you hear rustling in the courtyard? Could it be Dusty Bin? Maybe. But what about the letter L? And the reference to a beast? Rustling also means to steal an animal. Like a sheep perhaps? Or a GOAT. When we think of bangers, we think of bangers and mash. Mash begins with the letter as incidently does the word MOUNTAIN. The new MOUNTAIN GOATS album contains the song Ballad of Bull Ramos which has an amazing 4 Ls in the title ... Yes you've guessed it the announcement is ... " 

Please ignore the above ramblings if you are fortunate enough never to have experienced the delights of 321. 


Stealing Sheep? 

i'm familiar with ted and the bin

and i really hope you're right about stealing sheep

especially if they bring their light-up chinese dragon, goat's head, sun-god helmets, bonkers parade with them

40 acts eh? Blimey - a lot of those must be for the 'Rising' stage I'm sure. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I saw two new (to me) bands there last year who were both excellent - Charles Howl and Syd Kemp.

It's just possible that the names James Yorkston and 9 Bach will be amongst the 40 I suppose. I haven't checked this, but my memory tells me that they nearly always play, which is by no means a bad thing.

Can't say I'm too disappointed that, according to Chrissied, it's not Laura Marling - not really my cuppa. Trembling Bells would be good though. I wonder who else might turn up on Thursday. Some of the previous years' 'special guests' have been pretty good. Matt Berry and Temples have both appeared further down the bill on Thursday I seem to recall.

Well, we'll find out soon enough.

looks all right that london thing though

stealing sheep, rozi plain and the wave pictures playing

and it's free (not the beer, sadly)

Stealing Sheep did post he question "Who's going to Green Man" on their Twitter page a week or so back, which might suggest they are playing, or might not! There seems to be a lot more teasing this year than previously. That's social media for you I guess. Wondering whether they might offer something more in the way of a break down by day and stage on Monday too, as that will basically be the final line-up

I've been distracted for a few days and missed all this excitement. 

Great to see the GM 'brand' expanding. Tempted as I'd be to stay at home and enjoy the Welsh brewing craft at rather less than £5+ a pint, any opportunity to see Wave Pictures has its attractions.


Thursday night ... an 'L'? ... a 'banger'? Can it be anything other than Leftfield? 

In the Far Out tent? The Folky Dokey? Introduced by a Jack Russell? Nah, not even the Green Man could make this happen. Or could he ??

I fear for the sheep. 


That's not so good then. 

I recall an interview with Barnes some time ago where he intimated there'd be lots of Leftism in the live set to mark the 20th anniversary. Pity it hasn't come to pass.


I'd much rather see him run a night in far out after dark to be honest, that would be worth staying up for! 

Would I get shot for asking for Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott on Thursday night? 

i wouldn't shoot you

but i wouldn't thank you

worked on a promo for the beautiful south once

they weren't very nice...