Reminder, Early Birds registration closes today!

Good morning everyone! 

Just a friendly reminder that the registration for 2015 Early Birds closes TODAY at 1pm!

To register, head over to (and remember, this is the only way to buy #GreenMan15 Early Bird tickets!). 

Unique Early Bird codes and more info will be sent out from this afternoon.

Who'll be joining me next summer in those beautiful mountains?



Your email will either notify you saying that you have won an Adult Ticket to Green Man 2015 for just £50, or it will give you your code to buy Early Bird Tickets for 2015 at 2014 prices. 


i was registering within seconds of the link going live, its not a friends first thing again, the usual with ticketline

I registered within seconds, but still haven't received an email with a code. How much more expensive can the regular tickets be anyway?

I know Green Man is more popular than ever, but I do find it hard to believe that more than 100 other people registered before we did in the first few seconds after the link was published on Twitter at 9.59.


If you have not recieved your Early Bird code please email with your registration details and we will look into it.