super early bird shambles

this isn't going well, is it?

first the programme lists them as on sale july 19th rather than august

and at 9am

this morning ticketline says 10am

then, at 10am, changes its mind to 11am

and now, at 11am, the 'on sale soon' links have just vanished

to be replaced with 'sorry, we don't have any green man tickets on sale at the moment.'

still, we had a nice time the last few days

The programme does state 10am to be fair,but it is a pain because i work nights and have had to get up early to book the tickets and i am still waiting---someone needs a kick up the arse for the date in the programme though.

It was just very odd...was in a blink of an eye...You usually at least get held in a queue or to enter details, to change so quickly, doesnt sit well at all, especially on top of the time change.

I don't think they have been sold it's just probably the same person who put the date in the programme is sorting out todays early bird sale.

Thank you for your email, I am sorry about the confusion we are currently waiting for Green Man to confirm what time they would like it to go on sale we were originally told 10am then 11am, but now I’m unsure!


Please just keep checking the website.


I apologise for the inconvenience.


i apologise to ticketline

and transfer my ire to GM...

Come on--i need a shower and lunch before i have an appointment at 2.15 but i know the second i leave my laptop tickets will go on sale.

Hi all Super Early Bird tickets are now on sale.

Sorry for the delay but we are still on site and have had a few problems with the internet. 

Sorry again and Woof Woof !!


Thanks to the ticketline webaite not offering East and West car parks I ended u having to buy a ticket for each.

Not helpful

ah, no worries

i'm a wanker with a heart of gold

at least for the rest of august!

i managed to spot this on the ticketline order page...   

Blue Car Park
Well suited for family camping

Orange Car Park
Well suited for general, quiet and boutique camping


Want to book settlers tickets for next year - but is it doable if arriving by public transport? Not worried about getting there but about getting hold of food/ other supplies before the festival starts.

Its not to far from Crickhowell but the nearest supermarkets are Brecon,we are arriving on the Wednesday and i would be happy to take you with us to Brecon to stock up on the Wed afternoon/early evening --let me know next year.

Thank you bph for your very kind offer! I've gone ahead and booked settlers tickets, already looking forward to a whole week at Green Man next year. It'll probably take me 12 months of military-style planning to work out how to get a week's camping gear into a Ryanair luggage allowance ;)

Phew, I never noticed the announcement in the programme and when I saw the forum post headings this morning I wondered what the hell you lot were on about.

The late start did me a favour and tickets now secured.

How much do you save with the early bird tickets? Is it something like £15-£20 a ticket? I'd do it if I were a little more flush, but this weekend and forthcoming trip to Italy means I'll probably hace to wait until main batch go on sale next year. Suspect tickets will sell well after another successful year, but should be OK so long as I get them before next May!

super early birds tickets this year are £145

£152 with ticketline's per-ticket mark-up

(compared to £135 / £141.50 last year)

not sure what the saving is

last year it was only about ten quid, i think - maybe fifteen?

After a 3-year absence from GM, I couldn't resist it after reading this year's reviews in the Guardian and the Independent. We're back to the Brecons in 2015.

Early birds booked for next year.  I need a new air bed and sleeping bag before then.  Time to save up though.

I wonder with these being called super early tickets wether there will be an early bird ticket sale at a later date.

yeah, i'd thought that too

mid price in a couple of months

then the full whack next year

getting the money in obviously helps with cash flow

not easy bankrolling this scale of madness!

so if i get to save a hundred quid and help out too...

it's win win

been away all day so only just seen this

since when did earlybirds go on sale straight after the festival?

what happened to november?

lucky bunch you lot - I don't have £300 burning a hole in my pocket this time of year