This kind of weather, bit rainy, bit chilly, bit sunny can play havoc with the tuning! Hopefully the acoustic players particularly haven't forgotten their electronic tuners.

Well remember Rory Gallagher would not start a song until his guitars or mandolin was perfectly in tune!

hours of listening to john martyn tune over the years

and much as i loved the big man, frequently you'd think 'that'll do!'

general sound-checking was a plague last year at GM

especially on the walled garden stage

many actual sets truncated in favour of watching hairy men spend tortuous eons with one finger stuck in an ear and another up in the air

really, a musician thinks his monitor's not loud enough?

you don't say

in my younger years of festival going, all bands got a soundcheck

it was called 'the first song'

a bit sleepy this morning, was just about o add my thoughts on the excellent folktronica outfit I'm very much looking forward to seeing again this year - first saw them in 2007 when they topped the bill in the then Folky Dokey tent. Tunng that is.

LIKE  I thought you meant one finger stuck up somewhere else, must learn to read!!

Don't expect perfect sound at a festival which is why i never understand peoples obsession on here of seeing their favourite bands and sometimes the same bands every year.I like to experience the festival and discover new acts with a smattering of favourites--but i see my favourite acts with like minded people at gigs,with better sound and less chattering.

Watched Julian Cope at Latitude a few years ago when he spent virtually his whole set tuning up and the plug was pulled a few minutes after starting----though he did stand at the front of the stage and do a most entertaining rant.

Aye, but he had a bloody mellotron to sort out, the daft bugger.  From memory that was shortly after Ross Noble led a huge conga to the Vegan food stall chanting "Sausages, sausages!"!  Entertaining day .....

Seeking to sort out the sound problems can be annoying when all you want to do is listen to the band. Prime example was Woods performance last time out in the Far Out Tent, when they were plagued by sound problems which resulted in: one of the best performances that I've seen in many a long year. They weren't happy at the time but I was delirious, it was a 'be there' moment. Anyway, I'm not that precious about tuning really, my question was more to do with the weather affecting the instruments than whether I can hear a flat E or a dropped D. Sorry about the amount of weather/whether in the last sentence the temperature is getting to me.