Under the radar

i've heard of him

but only because hot chip remixed bonnie bill at one point

and he did a song at a tribute night to someone that i was at

but who was it...?

can't remember!

oh - yes i can - it was the 'big star's third' thing

his record got a 2 star review in one of the weekend papers

the young 'uns will be interested

or those once young - but not yet as old as the rest of us

Thanks for the compliment Mr Ray but Hotchip don't interest me. It doesn't look like the guy from hotchip though? Atlthough the Steinberger and pink jacket aren't too clever!

Same here! If he'd been holding a Telecaster with a B-Bender and wearing a Nudie suit I might have been interested.

I love electronica, and much EDM, but I file Hot Chip with Basement Jaxx and others of that ilk as spectacularly lacking in any originality or quality toon writing.

So if it is this bloke that I've never heard of, from a band that doesn't interest me, then this is a bit of a non-story, purely from my perspective.

However, given the SlintSlip (TM), do we foresee a final, small music announcement with one or two slightly-bigger-names-than-we-thought-were-left-to-come pearls? It seems strange that GM tweeted about the arrival of a whole bunch of posters and flyers yesterday, that do not seem to include Slint who, whilst somewhat of a niche/cult interest, are considered pretty damn influential in the great pantheon.

What d'ya reckon? And can someone please respond to my question about where you see Slint playing on the Saturday (if the date on their FB is correct, which we've no reason to doubt, I guess...).


certainly looks like Alexis Taylor and many would be pleased with this, although he's promoting new material, there is a chance it could just be as a DJ set, possibly with the 2 Bears?

Agreed it looks like him ... and that looks like zongamin on the right hand side, who is currently touring with Alexis.

A damn sight more interesting announcement than Slint ... in my ever so humble opinion.

definitely Alexis, he played Vortex last night.
and a big thank-you Peridot, I thought I was in a minority of one in my feelings about Slint.

Not fussed on Slint either - if I want to hear someone talking on record then I'll go with "Somewhere Down The Crazy River" (not too dissimilar)- but I'm a big believer in diversity so good luck to them, I'll probably come away thinking it's my favourite performance!

The Slint backlash begins :-) ... I also thought it was just me jon.

But while they don't please me I'm pleased that others are pleased - it's not as if there isn't enough to go around.

Now chrissied has caused me to have to go and listen to 'Crazy River', which is one of my all-time favourite tracks.

Is it too early to start the 2015 wish list yet?