2014 suggestions

few ideas for 2014:


Crystal Castles, Health- check the Die Slow track, The Orb, Gavin Friday, Cathal Coughlan (former lead singer of the fatima mansions), public service broadcast- ON A BIGGER STAGE, ..oh the list could go on

Good to see that despite our diverse tastes there remain things that unite us all.

I actually listened to the Manics last album out of some perverse curiosity. There is more space at the bottom of the barrel than I could ever have imagined!


Hookworms, Goat and Fuzz in the Far Out please. PJ Harvey, Beck and Tame Impala on the main stage. Robert Wyatt back in the slot he was unable to make this year

Another plea for Richard Thompson just playing the complete "Henry the Human Fly", for me his best album in an illustrious catalogue. I was reminded of it last Friday night while watching the BBC4 documentary on Nic Jones. Jones'. "Penguin Eggs" is another amazing record; recorded in 1980, but couldn't help thinking of the somewhat ignored "Henry" recorded 8 years earlier - The Poor Ditching Boy remains one of the most emotional pleas to lost love ever recorded - a masterpiece in my opinion, as is the whole album.

Bill Callahan please...also, Phosphorescent, Mount Eerie, Sufjan Stevens, The Bees, Micah P Hinson, King Creosote, Pictish Trail, Lambchop, Damien Jurado, Joe Pug, Sweet Baboo, Sreve Mason, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Neil Young (dreaming now!) 

RT doing Henry a great idea Nd how about Gorkys doing Barafundle?

might have to consider flogging my tickets if the godawful Manic Street Preachers were on the bill. In gods name no!!!

Jeff Lewis has to play in 2014

it'd be solo

he's publically said he won't do what the rest of the surviving byrds would like to - and reconvene for their 50th anniversary next year

grumpy git

i get to see crosby twice next week though - so i'm happy!

Pity - I would love to have seen them together again - still, I was lucky to have seen them with Clarence White so can't complain too much. Have fun at CSN - always good!

seriously, though

the way to get him to do it is to make it interesting for him

he doesn't like the principal of festivals

thinks that with too many bands you can't pay the proper attention to individual ones

sensory overload

but has done the occasional one over the last few years - if it was sufficiently different to just being one band after another

so offer the idea of him curating a stage, for instance

or suggest an interesting collaboration

and he might say yes...

The Barr Brothers were really special at End of the Road festival this year and they would really suit Green Man. Please..... would love to see them again.


Heard a lovely track by Sam Baker 'Say Grace' on the Bob Harris show...thought he'd be a good fit for Green Man next year.

Noticed that Green Man's Facebook page 'liked' MGMT this week. Wonder if that's a clue to one act they're booking for next year?

I'd love to see The Joker and the Thief at the Green Man. I saw them in Cardiff supporting Public Services Broadcast and was very impressed.

Dreamtime would be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nostalgic would be The Flaming Lips (again)

Realistic would be Cave Singers who were fab a few years ago

For the crack would be Carnival Collective


an opportunity to reignite the dummy spitting over my assertion that 'the national are just a tindersticks cover band'

And of course we all know Tindersticks are a tribute to Vic Reeves in the style of a club singer.Though the first two albums are wonderful.