Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

my dance card's a bit sparse at the moment

angel olsen next week

then jim white a couple of weeks after that (the american one, not the australian one)

kris kristofferson at the end of september

then coco rosie

and crosby stills and nash - twice

devon sproule, smoke faries and tindersticks round out october

then the staves, money,  the house of love, phosphoresecent and two dylans in november

oh yeah - and the waterboys twice in december

supported on both occasions by the wonderful freddie stevenson

who some of you will remember i've been banging on about on here for years

Phosphorescent on Rememberance Sunday in the Thekla will certainly bring back memories of Green Man. As ususal most of the stuff I want to see clashes with family holidays and other events ... grrrr!

Have got Half Moon Run Run and Oysterband also in November, and Stornoway in December. Need to get some gigs down for September though.

Yes see you there Peridot, I'm at the Thekla for Phosphorescent, also looking at getting tickets for Jonathan Wilson on the 30th November same venue.

Can't wait to see British Sea Power again at Moseley Folk. Mind you I can't quite see them having the same visual impact when they're probably going to be playing in daylight! The show in Far Out was really something special. It'll be interesting to see how they go down with the old folkies on a Saturday evening! Also looking forward to Edwyn Collins and The Staves. 

Unfortunately I'll be securing our annual supply of wine supply in France when Jonathan Wilson is playing.

Not quite in the same vein, but excellent nontheless I see Future of the Left added to the Thekla for 15 November. I'll be having a large slice of that.


Just packed beer,snacks and clothes for this weekends festival which is helping to take the doldrums of GM being over away and starting to get excited about Festival number 6 in two weeks.

what is it this weekend?

I'm having a day at Moseley on Saturday to celebrate the end of summer

in fact, just compiling an end of summer CD - any suggestions?

I wish,in a moment of foolishness i sold my EOTR tickets,a combination of the distance and the lack of any nearby accommodation and the need to reduce my expenditure to take a three month lifestyle break from work over the winter but i could not just stay at home,it would be to painful.So going to Off the tracks festival in Castle Donington,music wise not really my thing but went to the spring version entirely because we are Alabama 3 fanatics and had such a fantastic weekend,incredibly friendly and relaxed,a real ale festival and a cider festival and after the acts finish performers from the different acts end up in the bar and jam the night away.After saying that we will return to EOTR next year because like GM music wise it is exceptional.

So excited for my final festival of the year---MBV,Daughter,Jagwar Ma,Hookworms,Colorama,Tricky,Little green cars etc.Etc. and in such a beautiful place--currently sat on the balcony of our holiday apartment on a beautiful still September evening drinking wine listening to Sweet Baboo--life feels good.

Feck ... Arse ... Tits .. Ye Gods I am an absolute idiot and missed the fact that Wave Pictures were playing in Cardiff tonight. By the time I found out it was to late to change other arrangements I had. I have beaten myself into a pulp in retribution. 

The new stuff is sounding great too.

I could catch them in London in November but it's in the Camden Jazz Club ... not really the type of venue to suit them methinks?


Off to see Black angels/Elephant stone tonight and i have to admit after four festivals in the last five weeks it is taking alot of will power to move my weary bones off the settee.

Just debating whether we can afford to see Phosphorescent in Liverpool in November...after the storming performance at Green Man, I'm really tempted to see them at the Kazimier; it's such a quirky little venue.

You should go Elizabeth. I can't wait to see them the evening afterwards in Bristol in another quirky little venue. If they can be as great as they were on a festival main stage, it's going to be something really special in a small place.

Adopt the Erasmus phisosophy - "When I get a little money I go to gigs; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes". I think that's what he said anyway.


No wisdom Elizabeth, just encouragement ...

Gives us all an excuse ...

I can claim it's ray_rad's fault that I've just spent more than I should have on a ticket and hotel room to see Wave Pictures in Camden in November ...

Even though I know that, were he to be called as a witness, I dread to think what words he would find to describe someone desperate to see that band :)



i quite like them to be honest

saw franic play mandolin with jeffrey lewis and peter stampfel a couple of months ago

Wave Pictures are the business and if you haven't heard David Tattersall's solo instrumental album then do so.

Disappointingly I managed to completely overlook Wave Pictures in Cardiff. Going to see Wire in Bristol tomorrow though, and might just have to make the trip over to see Phosphorescent too. Frustratingly most things I want to see lately seem to involve a trip to Bristol, with Julia Holter and Savages also on my list. I do get Swn Festival on my doorstep next month though, which is handy

Glad it wasn't just me then Wakestock :)

I hadn't noticed Wire either but i've gone for Of Montreal in London tomorrow with the joys of the 11:30 train from Paddington afterwards! I don't mind a trip to Bristol if I can get a train back but a lot of stuff lately has been on a Sunday, which is no good.

I'm away for the Swn festival too, which is a real bummer :(


Just bought tickets for Bill Callahan at the Ritz in Manchester next matter  how parlous a state our finances are, I couldn't miss seeing the next Mr McEvoy...

...still considering the Phosphorescent/Liverpool gig though.

Thanks for that,really want to see Loop on their come back tour but they are not playing in the north west so considering Bristol.

I'd second Wakestock's endorsment - it's a great venue.

Owned by the Blue Aeroplanes for the past few years and they have been investing in improving it over that time. I don't think I've been to anything there this year so might have to give Loop a look.

I think you can normally pick up reasonable priced accommodation in Brizzle too.


Going to see local welsh artist Jodie Marie at The Druidstone, everyone should experience The Druidstone at least once, one of the best places on earth for any type of event, I kid you not.

Euros Childs on crackng form last night at the Hairy Hounds. Joined by Laura J Martin who also did a support set along with the Wellgreen. All three for GM14 please.

Arcade fire tickets purchased for Blackpool in November,got up at the crack of dawn to join the queue and make sure we got tickets only tp find only 2 people queueing.

Nick Cave last week at Brighton Dome, quite magnificent. I'd possibly sell a limb to see him on the Mountain Stage. Islet also last week, what a fantastic band they are.

It's all happening in Blackpool bph! You've got Mr Zimmerman there too this month I believe.

I've had to give Arcade Fire a miss this time around due to financial constraints - loving the album though.