campervan field with friends

Hi I am in the campervan field and friends want to camp nearby , do they have to come in my car or can they bring their own? is it close enough to walk from the camping carpark to the campervan field if they had to park there? can i also save a place near us for a friend coming later on thurs eve in a caravan



Hi pigtales. They can bring their own car provided they have a car park ticket or they can buy one for a tenner when they arrive. The campervan field is in a new location this year so we don't know exactly where it is with respect to other areas. It is on the same side of the site as general parking so it won't be too far away. If you can take your friends tent etc. I imagine they'd be very appreciative as it will save them lugging it from the car park.

You are very unlikley to be able to reserve a place for another live-in vehicle. As the area fills up they probably wouldn't be able to get through to it anyway. The only way to have adjacent pitches is to arrive at the same time.