Very early live-in vehicle departure on 19th - possible?

Hi Seasoned Green Man Festival Goers,

I need to leave very early on the Monday to drop the motorhome off at the hire place in Southampton. The hire company charges for late returns.

Does anyone therefore know if it is possible to leave at 6am sharp on Monday, or realistically is it a little later?



Hi kai, firstly bear in mind that it's an entirely new live-in area this year so whether that makes things better or worse is impossible to say. However, based on previous years you shouldn't have any problem. The only issue is where you are located in the campervan field and whether there is any difficulty negotiating your way around other campers. The stewards will normally find you a way through as access routes are maintained for emergency vehicles.

The one big issue could be the weather. Again, we don't know whether the new location is any better but the old one often required tractor tow-outs to clear the field which can take many hours to complete. If it looks like that is going to be necessary get your name on the list at the site office as soon as possible (Saturday night / Sunday morning) to make sure you're not waiting too long for a tow.