2013 Forum Meet-up

Hello all,

A number of people on different threads have been asking what time the the Forum Meet-up is to be this year.

Any proposals?

I suppose in that case that the Forum Meet up will be on thursday from 6.30pm onwards in front of the bar in the Walled Garden.

ALL, absolutely ALL are welcome.

there will be at least one person wearing a green t-shirt with 'all night disco wrecked my weekend' on it.

Treat them like a long lost brother or sister.

Thanks for making the arrangements Elizabeth :)

6:30 in the Walled Garden sounds great to me.

I and daughter will have our green t-shirts.

Looking forward to meeting some old friends and making some new ones.

I will try my hardest to be there. 

Please keep an eye open for what appears to be a terrible Moby-a-like as this is likely to be moi.


Will you be bringing a copious supply (of frazzles)? I used to know a guy who had frazzles in pitta bread most days for lunch.

Does anyone come to the festival from Malta?

My supply of Twistees has run out, and there's no snack nicer. Even better washed down with a bottle of Kimmie.


Ditto. I take it your kids are coming too Elizabeth? I'm sure my daughter will be happy to have some children of her own age to hang out with.

Thanks Peridot and Krasnyi; looking forward to seeing everybody - coming with Mr Mc and mini Mc's....Yep, can't seem to shake them off...like I've mentioned on here before, my kids seem to regard GM as an entitlement rather than a privilege.

Still, you've a responsibility as a parent to instill the highest possible musical taste in your kids.

Fine sentiments Elizabeth!

My daughter will need a real ticket for the first time next year but I only got a smirk when I told her she'd need to start saving for it. Of all the things she can tap me up for she knows that's not even the slightest challenge.


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I will be at the meet with my partner.  Will be great to meet some of you again and new faces too.  I am bringing walking boots not wellies as I have faith :)

The times for Thursday are now up on Green Man Facebook (thank you Walter): do we want to change the time of the meet, or it's location in the light of this new information?

I think lennie's suggestion is a good one. Loks of folk wanting to see both Money and Patti Smith. It's too late to have the meet afterwards and I imagine that earlier than 6:30 will be a problem for a lot of people too.

There are a few site layout changes this year though. Are we certain that the End Up bar is still beside the Far Out tent? I suppose the name doesn't make sense otherwise.


That's not a bad idea Cyfarthfa, maybe a little earlier?

We will be arriving early on Thursday so it wouldn't be an issue for us, however it might be a problem for folk arriving later.

Oh no Krasnyi!...get plenty of rest, take medicine, get down to GM and continue to to self-medicate with beer and excellent music - the line-up is too good to miss this year.

Hi All,

A GM Newbie here. Been lurking on here for while but just taken plunge to join in! Really excited to be experiencing my 1st music festival experience at GM with my friend. We'd like to join you for the meet-up at Endup Bar at 6.30pm on Thurs but won't be wearing green tshirts!We'll look out for you and looking forward to it immensely!



So is the consensus to keep the start time at 6:30 pm but move the location to the End-Up bar (which the map confirms is adjacent to the Far Out tent)?

Hi, I'm new to GM and only just found the forum. I'll be arriving Thursday morning (providing i dont get lost) with two kids in tow. Other half to arrive after shed has been put up at home (I know!). Hope the festival is as good as you all say.

Not sure I can fit a tent in the car, not with everything else.

Seems to be no dissent regarding changing the location and keeping the time.

I'll post an additional thread to highlight the change for the folk that only skim the forums.