no scooters. not able to go

I love the green man festival, and have been going with my family for the last few years. but this year I can't go because the organisers have not organised electric scooter hire. I have quite severe lung disease, but last year really enjoyed the festival because I had a scooter. I have contacted the festival several times but received no answer. I do keep getting emails yo tell me how good it will be.Thanks a lot for rubbing it in. So as a last resort, just to get an acknowledgement that the festival is not really disabled freindly, I am posting this.

Is there something wrong with the disability team. I was promised confirmation of carer and viewing platform tickets within the week on june20th. I have heard nothing since we have already bought 2 full tickets and attendance is only possible with a carer and parking viewing etc. I have sent several emails but nothing 

There has been some delay in tickets going out but they're on the way and will be with you very soon. We are really sorry no one came back to you sooner regrading this, but it is being sorted out. We really want you to come and once you get to the festival you will see that there have been a great many improvements to make the festival more accessable. We did not think the offer last year was good enough and have worked with Attitude is Everything to help us improve the site. Saying that its a pretty poor that you were not contacted recently. One of our ticket suppliers were effected by the office fire that took place in Manchester recently. Although all the records were filed digitally with an external host and were not effected its taken a bit of time for their organisation to adjust to this and communications to return to normal. Its taken a bit of time to sort out but everything is back to normal now and you will be receiving any agreed passes and tickets shortly.

We are down on site building the festival and its looking really beautiful. But it will be a lot more beautiful with you in it.

Woof Woof