Going Veggie

I have not eaten meat for around 4 months now, I just stopped one day, my concience wont allow it.  Any of you lot gone or are veggie got any advice?

So what hit your conscience ? 

Indian food, Moroccan food; lovely veggie recipes.

The Greenman itself always has an awesome selection of veggie food. It is the main reason that Himself has been able to make me put up with the rain all these years!

nice one, fergal!

indian food is a good call

italian food is also great and easy

and i just discovered using pearled spelt instead of risotto rice

as tasty as risotto - but WAY easier to make

frozen ready-made pastry is useful too

there are a million different tarts or pies you can make to replace what used to be the meat part of your meal

most of them dead simple

Paneer is great as an alternative to meat in curries.

My favourite start to the day is a veggie rasher sandwich copied from the Tea & Toast van at GM.

Bread of your choice, 2 or 3 Quorn bacon style rashers, some fried mushrooms, some good quality mozzarella cheese, topped with spicy ketchup (favourite at the moment is the Reggae Reggae one) - sets you up for the day.