day-by-day break down of the 2013 line-up


I'm finally allowed to share the day-by-day break down of the 2013 line-up with you!!

Walter x

Oh my.....

I'm alittle overwhelmed by this, what a brilliant line-up!

Thank you Green Man & Walter, you're too good to us!

Arggh! .... my brain is in meltdown, this is such an amazing line-up.

I can see far too many bands I want to see on quote Fantastic Mr Fox, "This is a cluster-cuss"

Now to start planning.......

Woof woof Walter - That has indeed got the excitement levels rising.

I can see a few potential clashes but nothing too horendous.

I certainly won't be moving far from the Far Out on Saturday. My No.1 and No.2 'must-sees' back-to-back is certainly a dream ticket.



ben howard vs. swans!

a fairly sensible bit of scheduling there

that'll sort the men from the boys!

(and the women from the girls, obviously)

wonder who the TBC headlining the walled garden on saturday's going to be...

The TBC is the friday night and i hope it not someone i wish to watch because of the fence night in the cinema on the friday.

you're right!

and i'd already forgotten about the fence night!

bloody hell

getting older and stupider daily...

Those gaps TBA:

Friday: Far Out - Gruff Rhys/Neon Neon  Walled garden - Jesca Hoop, King Creosote

Sunday: Mountain Stage - Wave Pictures


Is that a guess or something you know?

Besides a couple of trips to the main stage i will be spending my time at the Far out and walled stages both with exceptional line ups,though i do think Sunday evening could get very crowded at the Walled stage.

Wow, hadn't notice Swans are in the Far out (or should that be Swans is in the Far out?) - I'd assumed they'd be on the main stage. That's going to be intense to say the least. At least that's one simple choice

It will be intense indeed but I may find myself with the 'boys' as dear daughter wants to see Ben Howard!!

I promised that as long as he didn't clash with any of my 'must-sees' I'd accompany her. Drat ... should have had Swans on that list.


Peridot, both daughters are drooling at the prospect of Ben Howard. Don't know what Mrs Cyfarthfa is going to do but if you really Howardphobic then the young Ms Peridot can accompany us if she wants. No need for more suffering than is strictly neccesary. I don't mind his guitar playing but I'm not that struck on his singing.

Oh, the folly of youth. Thanks for the offer Cyfarthfa, we'll see how it pans out over the weekend. 

I suppose I find Mr Howard rather bland and inoffensive really, other than the fact that being bland and inoffensive is, in itself, slightly offensive!

I'm looking forward to kicking things off with Jon Langford on Thursday evening.


No heart-wrenching clashes thus far (kinda hoping I don't like the TBA announcements :P) and Sunday evening in the Far Out will be a great end to the music - BSP then Swans!

Ben Howard seemed like a disappointing headliner at first, but I'm really pleased about that now as it saves me having to make a tough choice. Next week I have to choose between Swans and Blur - personally I'd go for the former, but Mrs Wakestock will definitely want to see the latter. I think Ben Howard will help sell a few tickets to the younger folk too, and hopefully will be a big enough draw to prevent the Far Out getting ridiculously packed when Swans are on

Bit disappointed Sam Amidon's on the big stage. He totally deserves to be there but I kind of had a picture of him singing to a packed out Walled Garden. Very much looking forward to seeing him though.

Looks like Public Service Broadcasting will be clashing with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Other than that I think I can get to see everyone I was hoping to.

The WG stage usually runs later on the Sunday, so you may be ok decemberboy.

'Tis true regarding Sam Amidon but on the whole I don't think I'd change much about the stage allocation this year, it's pretty much ideal from my point of view.


i don't really like the far out tent

the sound isn't nearly as good in there as the WG and main stages

and when it rains (which is pretty much always, noobs) it fills up with people not that interested in whoever's playing - who then talk

so i'm always a bit disappointed when anyone i want to see is playing in there

having said that, good luck talking over swans

Yeah, I was gonna say, anybody who takes refuge in there will be quickly blown back out by Michael Gira & Co.

I agree with you regarding the Far Out stage, ray.

I also think that the stage is actually too high, which gives a less intimate atmosphere.

The EOTR far out stage has tunnel like paths to enter which keeps it dark inside all day,dry during rain and creates a proper gig atmosphere--i'm sure that it would not be more expensive.This does prevent people from watching outside but i tried to watch Alt-j and Tallest man on earth at GM from outside last year and you cannot really see much and the sound is poor outside the tent.

I'm not s huge fan of the Folky Kokey (sorry, Far Out) tent either. Shame that British Sea Power are on in there - a main stage band if ever there was one.

I do think it could be a packed tent for British sea power who recently sold out 2 nights in Manchester  while Swans struggled to sell out one night at a smaller venue----after saying that,Swans will be a tremendous earbursting finale to the weekend.

I was in there last year for Tallest Man on Earth and it was amazing, albeit a bit moist and steamy! Saw Alt-J too, great atmosphere and about a foot of water near the front. 

I love the atmosphere in the Far Out - especially that unique aroma it develops over the course of the weekend.

I agree the sound can be a bit iffy at times - it was diabolical for Savages on Thursday evening last year, but did improve the next day.


They're never released beforehand. All the details are in the programme, which they want to sell enough copies of to cover the cost of producing it I guess

i have no idea what a program costs

you'll have to travel to america for one of those - which will obviously increase your budget

a programme, however, is around a fiver, as krasnyi suggests

Don't mind paying a fiver myself; the programme is ful of interesting info about the festival, it's areas and specific performers and is a lovely leisurely read on the Thursday, planning for the weekend, 

There is usually a small schedule of performance times given free with the wristband if you're on a tight budget.

Sorry your dissapointed but we do have to create income to run the festival. Saying that we do listen to what people want from Green Man. Many said they did not want sponsorship so we havent gone down that route. Even more said they did not want us to put prices up so we froze them. But we are not subsidised in any way and costs relating to fuel has risen a lot which means all haulage bills have increased considerably. Artist fees have also increased. Money comes in but an awful lot goes out as well. A festival now costs far more to run than it used to, but no one is making loads of money at your expense. The festival runs for four days and there are going to be 1500 performers 10 entertainment areas. We subsidise the holiday ticket area to increase the value for money experience of the festival, as well as many charities who need the festival to survive. We try and deliver year on year and sometimes we cant get the acts you want and we want too because other people have more money than we do. But we try and will always do our best for all of you because it matters a great deal to all of us. We all know that the people who come to Green Man are the best festival audience in the UK, you are and always will be the headline act. 

i was disappointed in the american spelling of programme

not in the programme

it's a great programme

and i, for one, never mind paying for it

or spelling it correctly