British Sea Power added to Green Man 2013 line-up!


It's a beautiful day and summer is well and truly on its way! We're celebrating with two additions in the form of the brilliant British Sea Power and Eagleowl

Woof Woof



So excited for BSP, caught them at the cinema project and they've quickly become my favourite band. Will have to check Eagleowl!


i missed that

all fence artists welcomed with open arms!

Bloody Wrexham, bloody Welsh FA, bloody play-offs . . . .

Fiancial decision more than anything this year. Anyway, hope to see BSP at Moseley Folk at the end of August - great line up this year - BSP, Leisure Society, Trembling Bells, Efterklnag, Staves, Alessi's Ark, Kate Rusby . . . and the Dubliners!

Really? That bad? Hoping to see TB &MH at my local boozer in July for my birthday treat. Are you suggesting it won't be much of a treat?

oh balls

i don't want to ruin your birthday!

maybe you'll enjoy him more than we did

but let's just say that robin williamson and malcolm lemaistre probably did most of the actual graft in the ISB

mr heron (in those days) was the pretty one

when we saw him, he had his 14 year old daughter up playing a keyboard

and even she looked embarrassed

he makes gummi bako look like dylan

the bells are obviously top notch though - so there'll still be plenty to enjoy!

I'm actually quite fond of Smiling Men with Bad Reputations and Feast of Stephen (which he re-did with the Bells) is one of my alll time favourites (first heard on the Island compilation El Pea which remains to this day one of my favourite albums)

I'm very much chuffed about BSP and Eagleowl, and I've also just noticed that Jon Langford appeared on the bill at some stage, which is terrific.

I need to catch up on some listening - I've been concentrating on the early line-up announcements but, given the form that the Green Man is in this year, there must be many more potential delights amongst the unknowns that have come along later.