Forum meet up

How do we organise it?

im being thick with the t shirt order - the t shirt link shows XL mans size on ebay, is it just one size fits all? (no girl sizes), and who do i send the money to etc? me confused!!!

he's now having to buy the t shirts individually so we can do ladies sizes, they'll still be fruit of the loom so same colours apply :)

funds...well, we can  and meet you on site and exchange in person or i can give you pay pal details.

i'm arwen stanton in the world that is facebook if that makes life easier :) x


hi arwen, couldnt find you in facebook for some reason, i dont mind having a go at paying you via paypal, i'll just do whatevers easiest for you, concious you gonna have alot of upfront personal cost! if you want to pass on payment details im , if you want me to pay you on the day, i can do that also. ladies size 14 (36 chest i think), colours - dont mind, either gold/sepia, or pale blue or pale pink. gonna tie die it anyway x

Me too. New large estate car purchased a few months back. Will be a big change from our old 3 door Peugeot. Bought a new Thule roof box today, checked that both kids fit nicely inside so we're looking forward to the drive down from Edinburgh. We've got enough room now for my old battered acoustic, yay!  Fixed my sleeping bag too. Wish I could pack today. Maybe I'll just make some mix c.d's for the journey.

Just got back from a week away with the kids - no tent needed & got lots of sunshine. It's just occured to me that having said they can bring a friend each and the tent being about the size of two small children when packed up, a Ford Ka might not be up to the job. Hmmm ... plan b then ... Ford Ka followed by four bikes line astern joined by very strong string! 

Don't know if it's just my computer but I seem to be hogging the last post. I'm very sorry everyone.

Those t-shirts look great by the way faeriekisses!

Did he enter the comp?

I've read that people aren't too keen on the winner but haven't seen it yet - it doesn't seem to be anywhere obvious on the site.

oh i must say, i dont like that design - its insipid, and just looks like a clipart! who judges the competition?, cant have been many entries if thats supposed to be the best, wish id done one myself now!!! x

Tha  nks, I have to say that Mr Faerekis  ses has do  ne a muc  h b  etter jo  b. You 're qui te righ  t Mr  R  ad My br  ain f  eels like it  '  s ma  de of b  roccoli aft  er rea  ding tha  t!

he did... but obviously no joy. but lots of interested parties, hence doing them himself. colour and size orders needed by saturday at the latest :D


Fantastic design faeriekisses, only sorry I am too late to place an order.

Not sure I have a t-shirt interesting enough to wear at a forum meet up....

....Nor do I have the time or capability to grow a beard - what to do?

thank you...i'll pass it on.

as for the beard, i've still got mine from last year but am about to start making my next one :)

nope, can still be done, obviosly will have to exchange on site though :) size and colour??

arwen stanton on facebook (should work now, i've popped out of hiding briefly)