Green Man is proud to announce his second fantastic festival headliner for summer 2012: one of music’s true originals, the one and only Van Morrison!

When it comes to legends, they don’t come much bigger than this. He’s been near the top of your “most wanted” list since the very early days of Green Man, so we’re totally chuffed to have him headline our 10th anniversary festival!

Van formed Them in his native Belfast in 1964, his matchless R&B songwriting and vocal prowess resulting in classic cuts such as Gloria and Here Comes The Night, before solo success beckoned with the worldwide smash hit Brown-Eyed Girl.

Following the groundbreaking Astral Weeks – a mystical song cycle regarded as one of the greatest albums ever made –Van’s move to America inspired a string of near-flawless early ‘70s LPs including Moondance and Tupelo Honey.

Whether duetting with the likes of John Lee Hooker and Ray Charles, or stealing the show with The Band in Martin Scorcese’s must-see concert film The Last Waltz, few live performers can match the power and passion of “The Belfast Cowboy”.

Voted one place ahead of Michael Jackson in Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers of All Time list, Van Morrison headlines the Mountain Stage at the 10th annual Green Man Festival on Saturday August 18th.

I think I feel a Green Man moment coming on – anyone else? Here are the latest amazing acts joining Van and fellow headliner Feist in Wales’ breathtaking Black Mountains from August 17th – 19th:

Daughter create breathy, atmospherically mean and moody folk songs full of haunting melodies, a twist of electronics and ambient sweeps. Powered by Elena Tonra’s sensational voice, this London trio could be one of the finds of the year.

Bowerbirds, are real-life couple Beth Tacular and Phil Moore. Third album The Clearing is their biggest and boldest yet, with a sense of urgency and scope inspired by near break-ups and near-fatal illnesses.

Beth Jeans Houghton got her big break at Green Man 2008 when Devandra Banhart pulled her out of the crowd to perform one of her songs. Her totally ace debut album Thunder presents the Newcastle singer as a “psychedelic Boudica”. She appears at this year’s festival as Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny

Megafaun, the North Carolina-based trio psych-folk trio make a welcome return to Green Man following the release of their intricate self-titled album in the late 2011.

Psychemagik (DJ set) and Richard Norris are joining the Time & Space Machine psychedelic Sunday night whig-out in the Far Out After Dark

PLUS! Don’t miss brilliant sets by Jamie N Commons, Joe Pug, Nick Mulvey, RM Hubbert, Tiny Ruins and many more great acts – including our third main headliner – who are yet to be announced!



That's a surprise, but a very nice surprise - I've been waiting all morning for this.  Van the Man has been on my wanted to see list for eons I'm well chuffed that he's playing, nice one Walter!


Van Morrison - amazing news, he's a legend!  Very pleased about Bowerbirds and Megafaun

Good stuff-Van Morrison, can he perform the whole of astral weeks please,bowerbirds,megafaun,beth jeans and joe pug.When's the last headliner named?

didn't see that coming but if 'interested' Van turns up this will be ace!  agreed little otter, just astral weeks in its entirety would be perfect for me

I wonder if I'll be alone in being phenomenally disappointed by the announcement of VM. It seems to me that the fashion for peddling out tired old has-beens as headliners at UK festivals has grown of late - witness Hop Farm's recent profile. Sure these guys have been tremendously influential and important in many ways, but for me they hold nothing exciting in terms of closing the main stage at a festival. I'm not yet a huge fan of Feist, but she's CURRENT, she's up and coming with 3-4 albums and still on the upward arc of her career trajectory. So I can see why she fits. Is that true today of the VMs, Bob Dylans, etc?

Maybe it's just me; I'm happy to acknowledge that it probably is. And there'lll be loads for me to do when VMs on, so no big deal. It's juts that after such a long month between announcements, I was ready for a real treat and I feel a bit deflated. Saying that, very pleased with Daughter and VERY pleased about Bowerbirds.

Feel free to have a pop - there's not enough (friendly) music-related jostling on here!


I think this is amazing- Can't say I saw it comign but chuffed to bits with VM as a headliner. Green Man is about variety for me and this addition gives the line up great balance. The majority is current and it will be an amazing treat for me to witness this legend with mountains as his backdrop.

Thanks GM! : )

Bowerbirds, Daughter, BJH and Megafaun too today- Made me very happy! : ) : )

Not just you Ben!

For those that are excited ... I hope interested Van shows up.

 I remember being very excited to see him about 15 years ago. It turned into 1 of my biggest gig-going let-downs! The least he could have done was pretend to want to be there.

Still as said above, they'll be plenty of other distractions to keep me amused whilst Van struts his stuff.


Cheers, Slugger - maybe meet you in a tent for a cracking late night noise assult from Islet while others Dad Dance to 'Brown Eyed Girl'?!  ;0)


Totally underwhelmed I'm afraid.  I saw VM several years ago and was really disappointing, in fact one of the poorest gigs I've ever seen.  The whole show was was lack lustre and he appeared totally disinterested that night.  I truly hope he's in a better mood at the Green Man or I'll be off to another stage.

FANTASTIC about bowerbirds and megafaun

but sorry - van will almost certainly be pants

if he repeats his 'astral weeks' run through of a couple of years ago, i'll be delighted to eat my words

but as he was charging upwards of two hundred notes a ticket for those shows, i suspect it'll be the same old tired blues workouts at GM

still - he certainly does make sense for GM

just because i probably won't watch him doesn't mean he isn't in the right spirit

which is a good thing

and if mazzy star get booked, he'll give hope sandoval a run for her money in the 'grumpiest curmudgeon in a field otherwise filled by joyous individuals' awards category

would have expected something a little more exciting/interesting than van morrison from the GM. some great acts this year but headliners disappointing especially as promising so much


I dont think you can call it a dad-fest because an older artist is headlining a night - Green Man has historically had various older musicians playing - Pentangle (who did make me yawn), Donovan, Robert Plant to name a few

I had to check to make sure it was true Van Morrison..

I must admit I was hoping for Bon Iver but realised that once they took the festival republic corporate pound at Latitude then they would be in an exlusive deal but I still hoped. Van Morrison is unexpected but totally brilliant. Beth Jeanes, Richard Norris Psychemagic and Megafaun. Its really impressive and the final headliner has yet to be announced..

I'm a massive fan of Van and have seen him live numerous times. He has been responsible for the best live performance I have ever witnessed, but I have walked out from other gigs in fustration and disgust at his couldn't-care-less attitude. I've seen him not utter a single word to the audience on some occasions and spend far too long sharing anecdotes and jokes on others.

Hopefully he will be on-form for GM.

Liking the rest of the announcements - It's going to be a great year.

I guess, for me, there are two positives from Van the Man being announced today:

1. He's on Saturday night, so not closing the festival, which might have irked me a little

2. It's probably safe to assume that he represents the 'legend' (for me read tired old has-been peddling the same old crap for 40+ years!), and so that leaves the third headliner slot wide open for an announcement more along the lines of what I was hoping for...


Hmmm....................rather a strange choice, I think. Could go either way - as others have said - really good, or really dire.

Not really what I would expect as a GM headliner.


Disappointed - not really my bag but I'll go open minded and hope for one of his better gigs. Looking forward to the final announcement now..

Dull choice of headliner but rarely watch the headliners so i'm not really bothered,i'm sure most of us on the forum go for other reasons than seeing headline bands and i'm happy enough with the variety on offer so far and looking forward to seeing familiar faces

I've never see VM, but understand he sometimes be pants, but I'm willing to give him a go. If he is being 'difficult' I will do what I did last year during Iron and Wine and go off somewhere else. i was really looking forward to him but was very disapointed.

Feist isn't really doing it for me either, so i look forward to the Sunday nighter being announced.

Didn't see any of the headliners last year except 15mns of EITS. Would be nice for one headliner to make me go 'ooh' but if not I'll find something else I'm sure.

I don't think I saw anyone on the main stage on the Sunday of last year and it was the best day of the three IMHO. The only headliner I saw was the Fleet Foxes but it didn't diminish the experience in any way.

I'm a huge fan of VM but I just don't think he's suitable for Green Man but I'll check him out anyway and hope that good Van turns up  and treats us to the complete Astral Weeks.

If he got the 'ump, he'll insist on coming on around 7pm and will bugger off after half an hour leaving us in peace to enjoy the rest of the evening anyway :-)

Wasn't is at the Feis last year that he was billed as headliner but played earlier on the bill meaning that a lot of people missed him?


ha!  maybe

we only went on the dylan day

and, as 'tired old has-beens' go, he was fucking marvellous

frankly, actually, all this 'dad rock' shit on other threads has got my goat a bit

get over 40 and our critical faculties are out the window, are they?

well, fuck the fuck off




I knew what they were saying about ray-rad going soft was wrong.

Well said that man.

I wonder if wackojacko's pointing out of a certain grammatical error on another thread has sparked a return to form :-)