Car Parking Question


Based on previous years, provided weather conditions don't deteriorate too much you'll be able to come and go and get a parking space each day. It may not be in the same car parking area but there'll be somewhere on site for you to leave your car.

Just while we're on the subject of parking - we need to get back to Wiltshire fairly urgently on Monday morning, and just wondering what the exodus is like and how long we should allow for "getting off the site".  I've heard some tales of deep muds and lots of cars on other threads, so I'm imagining a bit of a horror show on Monday morning! 

Can anyone lend their experience to ease my worries about sitting stationary in a field for 3 hours whilst a tractor tows each Camper Van to the main road...?  Alternatively, should we ideally set off before everyone else wakes up...?

 If you're in a car then getting away is relatively painless though there's usually a queue to get through Crickhowell by the time we leave at around 11.00. If it is muddy and the campervans need a tow it's only just out of the field so you won't get tractors blocking the main road up. 


If you're in the campervan field the best bet for a quick exit is an early start. That way you'll have the best ground conditions and if you do need a tow you'll be first in the queue. Ironically it's also better to arrive later as the field is filled up from the back so the later you arrive the closer you'll be to the exit (and the main arena).

However, as Krasnyi says, you're not going to be stuck for hours whatever you do.