What's happened to Cass McCombs???? (can't enter text in body so all up here!) - wife is upset at his sudden dissapearance

Just wondering why he pulled out at such short notice?

Pretty much just booked green man based on Cass playing there. Still looking
forward to seeing a lot of the great music/ comics at the festival, but wont be
the same for me without Cass :(

So disappointed and like Kate totally gutted.

Green Man- why? 

Just absolutely distraught by this. Was definitely going to be the highlight. And am I being stupid or is Lawrence Arabia not up there either?

Oh dear, never mind carry on..... as Windsor Davies used to say? You can always sell your tix if you want. Face value of course.

I think Lawrence Arabia was just doing the boat party in May.


So no insight as to why Cass has pulled out?


Would have been lush to see some of the new stuff live. Well lets hope he will come over for some gigs soon.