Hoping to see some of the faces from last year

Will never forget those 3 scouse lads. One was massive with a red coat and cap. He actually tipped the woman he bought the cap from declaring "I respect what you're doing here!"

Here's hoping they land this year!

 I had the most fantastic 'Green Man-but-not-at-Green Man' moment back in December. I was seeing Soulwax in Manchester and while queueing to leave the toilets a couple of guys queueing to get in erupted that I was 'that guy from Bon Iver and Jarvis'. It was incredible. I'd obviously spoken to so many stranger throughout the weekend I had no recollection of them or had been too hyped for Jarvis...

Green Man festival folk are by far the best festival folk. I can't wait to bump into some familiar faces. Especially the tiger and the red necks...

I really really hope the Cut A Shine barndance crew will pop up again at some point. Last year they all appeared as if from nowhere dressed in red & white check outfits & started an impromptu barndance, in the field beside the Green Man. Everyone around was roped in to it, pretty much whether they liked it or not. Their MC is a force to be reckoned with...if they're there again you'll see what I mean. She is quite frankly AMAZING.