First visit to Green Man

i don't know if this helps, but there is an extra car park ticket i think, so i'm not sure you can park your car next to the tent, which is the mistake we've made :/

It was great last year! it is pretty much like staying in a normal campsite but there's a bar, local info stall, games, a food stall, a bit of entertainment and a fire every night. you can't park your car next to your tent but the car park is only a few minutes away from the camping area. you can come and as you please. hot clean showers were lovely......... can't help with the map though sorry..... hope that helps...

Hi Ark.  As a long-time camper who has visited many sites around the UK, I can confirm that the GM site is pretty similar to the average campsite - shower block, water taps etc.  The showers are great by the way.  The only difference I can see from regular campsites is the chemical toilets (obviously there are loads placed around the festival site but don't worry, they're not as bad as many other festival toilets I've been to, I was in fact pleasantly surprised).  Also, the tents aren't pitched in neat rows - it's a bit more of a free for all.  But it doesn't matter because the atmosphere is better than any campsite you're ever likely to visit!