Line-up - 2010 vs 2009

where are you getting 52 from? I would be mighty disappointed if that was it!! However, I count 81 and that's not including chai walla's tent....... are you missing a day!? if so you're in for a treet

Slightly skimpy still - I make it 71 over the three days on the three main stages. Unlikely to be any great Fence presence this year (apart from Johnny Pictish's set with Adem as Silver Columns) as they have their own Haarfest in the same week. Richard James is playing in the cinema tent apparently accompanying some film or other I believe. Agree - Euros must play! Can't help thinking there might be the odd addition over the next week or so. Still a bit miffed about Joker's Daughter dropping off the line-up. Was really looking forward to seeing her.

I was counting from the main line-up page; the ones for the specific days are more up to date. Yeah, I still do only get it at about 71 but I don't share your optimism, I'm afraid. If tickets are now nearly sold out (as was announced), there'd be little purpose for the organisers in stumping up any more cash for extra bands. However, if that statement was a bit 'misleading', we may still have the odd favourite playing. I really hope so; there are some good things on but it's all a little uninspiring, in my opinion.

 2009 kicks 2010 ass! problem was, all the bands that were great last year (Wilco, Grizzly Bear, Beach House) were bands Iv only just starting listening to so didnt see them last year. If only we could turn back time somehow...with some kind of classic car..maybe a Dolorean ?

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the heads-up Mr Ray. And what a start to the Saturday on the main stage! Joker's Daughter, El Goodo and the mighty Race Horses (if you love Gorkys and you haven't yet heard Race Horses then you're in for a treat!) Cheers Ray - you've sent me home woth a smile on my face!

I think I'm just as excited about this year as last year. One of my favourite things about 2009 was the amount of new music (new to me) that I heard & enjoyed & that made me come away feeling so inspired.

So this year, apart from there being such people playing as Wild Beasts, who I've become a bit obssessed with, I'm just going to trust the fact that I will again make some new discoveries.

Also, weren't there a few fairly late additions last Jarvis Cocker? I seem to remember that being the case. I bet the Green Man still has a few tricks hidden up his sleeve...